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looks like she's pulling "the shaggy defence"......
will she lose her job i wonder...
The more I see of this woman the more I see someone who'd trample on anyone to get her own way
No one is going to inflict "Scottageddon" on me - as I assume you're on about the SNP thing (and not a lost novel by Sir Walter - two Ts - about the end of the world), and for some reason I've found it hard to drum up any interesrt.
It seems to have generated a fair bit of interest here though.
Question Author
she's still rattling on......
this has been going on for ages, not just her talking, you would think it would be resolved by now.
Cannot stand the woman, she only has to open her mouth and the tv goes off. Would not be,I’ve a word she says, power mad.
That should read believe above, the iPad typing ahead of me !
Is TORATORATORA being forced to watch the evidence session?
I asked this a while back on another thread and, apparently, he has TV on continuously in the background! Which might go some way to explaining what appears to be a permanent sense of outrage.

makes a change from seeing someone being vaccinated
If that's the case, why no mumping when Alex Salmond was giving his evidence on Friday?

Prime Minister's Questions and the Budget will be broadcast so there will be a break.
//Is TORATORATORA being forced to watch the evidence session?//
yes probably - strapped into the poetry appreciation seats as pe usual

instead of
foo foo foo- wha am I being made to wodge wee jummy och all day foo again ? EUSSR rules !!! end of !
does anyone yearn for

Nicola Sturgeon is on tee vee all day and on all channels and does anyone think she is over exposed - or we are?

yes and I am watching - very different to Alex Salmond but then as the lady said, Miss Sturgeon you are under investigation

and so Miss Sturgeon is being very circumspect

and as is so often in this kind of fol-de-rol - you can tell if the witness is lying. She is.

we have satthro it all

10 41 - sturgeon seems to have poured petrol over herself and struck a match for enlightenment ( of course) - THE meeting - she wasnt AT the meeting
she is denying it all - and its not working !

were you are the ctee mtg ( where a complainants name was unlawfully divulged ) - no says Miss S
Did you authorise the meeting , or the information that got out?
fweeble fweeble - we are into about 5 mins of um general well not denial ....

rivetting stuff ( see a prime minister lie under oath)
mumping on NOW! 10 50
Jackie Baillie - is she a lawyer

very good questioning -and clearly possed off - oor jackie says she has been lied to
Does anyone really care?
yeah scos independence goes down the plug
Last week with Salmond was riveting.
It will be interesting to see how today pans out.
Alex Salmond riviting, now that's a first.
Emmie, that’s a strange post re AS from you. Could you explain it ?

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Gawd Are The News Channels Going To Inflict Scottageddon On Us All Day?

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