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The program was of its time, its no great loss
I'd reckon that the edit is preferable to the sackloads of complaints they'd get had they left the offending words in. Probably a wise decision.
That's why comedies aren't funny anymore, nothing can be said for fear of upsetting a few over sensitive people. The funniest thing is, it isn't the targeted people who get upset, it's the self righteous, who think that they know what is best for everybody else.
Oh for gods sake!
They shpuld rerun Til Death Us Do Part. After they'd edited them the shows would last about 10 minutes each.
Question Author
Til Death Us Do Part, was hilarious with alf in pub and arguing with his wife..classic.
Why bother showing it after it's been 'doctored' ?
just what i thought, leave well alone, and don't show it...
the whole point was that The Major was a racist bigot. life isn't just one big fluffy bunny love-in, sometimes the unpleasant has to be exposed for what it is.
It gets run out on Sky Gold without censorship
I'd refuse to watch it if I knew it was censored.
Self-censoring, shirl?
We had a local comedian here called Bobby Thomson , in his act he dragged on a cigarette so when cigarettes and people smoking them became a no-no , they changed his VHS video and advert for it to him having a CRISP in his hand, hilarious!
bluemoon, 03:39, bang on.
Mr O'Reilly will have to go. And Manuel.
If i didn't want to watch sex scenes, nudity and violence, the warning sign, "This programme contains scenes of nudity, sex scenes and violence", would deter me from tuning in. (The warning, "Presented by Davina McCall", actually has that effect on me). So why not air the episodes as they were first broadcast but attach the warning and leave it to the viewing public to be adult enough to realise it was of it's time.
exactly so Ken
-- answer removed --
I am amazed that that got through the AB asterisk bot!

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