I Thought We Did A Free Trade Deal With The E U S S R ?

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ToraToraTora | 12:22 Thu 21st Jan 2021 | News
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so why is this woman being charged? I know there is more red tape but I thought the deal signed meant free trade so what's occurin?


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so Brexit wasnt all the cake-walk they said it would be
well - - ho ho ho!

squawk away, losers!
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so all the BMWs and mercs we import just got a lot more expensive? Can we stop the obfuscation and get to the heart of the matter.
I'm confused why you are surprised that trade with the EU got harder and therefore slightly more expensive. Perhaps, like OG, you consider it a price worth paying -- but you can't complain about the price itself.
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judge: " I don't think we can lay the blame for this at the door of the EU" - I'm not blaming anyone I'm trying to comprehend. All, right so If I buy something personally from yerp HMRC slap duty etc on right? But if a business imports a truck full of widgets there is no duty, is that right? if not they we have no deal at all and BMWs and mercs just got a lot dearer, surely the EUSSR would never have agreed to that, so which is it? Personally I don't really care as long as we are doing the same as them I'm just trying to understand.
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jim: "I'm confused why you are surprised that trade with the EU got harder and therefore slightly more expensive. " - I'm not surprised I'm trying to understand.
"Perhaps, like OG, you consider it a price worth paying -- but you can't complain about the price itself. " - I do and I'm not, just trying to understand the current situation.
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danny, thanks, we are getting there, so it can't just be cars that applies to........
Ford has increased the price of two of their models because of the trade agreement.
TTT, see NJ's post for an explanation of what "free trade" means in this context. It doesn't mean "free" in the sense that nobody pays for anything. Britain and its fellow EU members had agreed they wouldn't waste time and bureaucracy imposing tariffs on one imports from one another; that agreement is at an end.

Small EU retailers now have to register for VAT here and some can't be bothered. Big manufacturers like BMW may find it prudent to cut their prices to balance out any import duties, or they may not, it's up to them.

All this is good news for accountants and bureaucrats everywhere; consumers less so.
The deal with the EU centres more on the concept of 'a level playing field' than it does on 'free trade'.

i.e. The UK has agreed that the import duties it charges on good won't be massively higher than the EU charges on similar goods which we export to them, and vice versa. Similarly, we've largely agreed that our government won't provide massive subsidies to UK firms, enabling them to undercut rival firms within the EU, and the EU has likewise agreed that our firms won't face unfair pressure and companies within the EU that have been heavily subsidised themselves.

The EU's rules prevent it from removing all trade barriers with an outside country unless that country joins the European Economic Area, membership of which comes with a requirement to follow many of the EU's rules, or otherwise signs up to a deal to follow the main rules relating to trade. Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein have all joined the EEA, whereas Switzerland has opted for a slightly looser agreement.

The UK was offered the chance to join the EEA, or to negotiate a 'Swiss-style' deal, but turned down those offers.

So now, for most purposes, trade between the UK and the EU is basically conducted upon much the same lines as that between the UK and China or the UK and the USA. That means, for example, if you send a birthday gift to a relative in France or Spain, you'll need to remember to attach a CN22 customs declaration to it, otherwise it won't get there. Further, unless it's a low-value gift, the recipient will probably have to pay charges to receive it.
more about it here

including someone who ordered from a website, unaware it was based in Berlin.

I think people are going to have to be quite wary about where retailers are.
A friend told me that, having had a bad experience with goods from China, he searched Amazon for the item he wanted and found one which came from Germany .He ordered the item which was delivered form Germay and was rather annoyed to find that it was made in China.
at least it arrived, dannyk; it might not have done so if ordered direct from China.
I see the super market shelves have started to empty in N/I. How long will it take before Brexit really starts to bite, and the same thing happens in a Super Market near you.
^^^ NI is likely to be hit worst, Gulliver1, because it counts as an EU country as far as shipping goods to there from mainland GB is concerned. So many mainland companies will no longer send good there because of the extra costs involved.
I was a bit worried about food which I order on a regular basis from a deli in London which imports from the EU, no longer being available. They must have got to grips with the red tape though because my order arrived today.The prices however, are now much,much more expensive.
Red tape manufacturers must be laughing all the way to the bank.
16.17 According to Brandon Lewis, Buenchico.
The N/I food shortage is because of Covid ,
not Brexit. But he would say that would'nt he.
We are now just beginning to see how mad the Brexiteers arguments are:-

NJ – says in relation to this ‘£££££s Ker-ching!’
Just who do you think is paying this money to the UK government – it is us mugs, suffering under Brexit; and money to couriers for nothing.
Same things costing more after Brexit, this wasn’t touted as one of the benefits of leaving so maybe some people hadn’t heard it would happen. A consumer can accept a 40% increase on a one-time purchase if they really want the item but it’s the effect on businesses that I worry about more, a few are or have major cash flow or stock depletion issues before long.

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