Is The Honeymoon Period Over?

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royfromaus | 01:28 Thu 21st Jan 2021 | News
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Mainly peaceful smashing up of Democratic headquarters


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From the report you cite it seems that these people are not Trumpsters but extreme left wing. They didn't like Trump and they don't like Biden. Who do they want?
//Who do they want?\\

For who read whom.
Not Trumpeters it seems. Anarchists.
Far left or far right, they're all imbeciles who need locking up.
Looting is lucrative. Who needs a political motivation? Just a desire for the stuff in the shops.
The expected pro Trump demonstrations didn't materialise. A few nutters here and there. Literally one person turned up to protest outside the New York capitol building.
As predicted.
That’s something to be grateful for.
As for Oregon, they protest there when day turns to night :-)
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Happened in many cities across the country apparently.

Lefty violence good.
I thought this would be about Biden being Impeached today. Larks.
I think I'm beginning to warm to Antifa. Will Biden be impeached for inciting these riots? Will Camela Harris be raising money to bail the rioters out of jail again. Will the msm be playing all riots down now cos peace, lurve, and harmony have to be the new narrative? Answers on a pin head
Togo; Questions, questions...
1 Did Biden incite these riots?
2 Are you deliberately rude about Kamala Harris, or just bad at spelling?
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What is this about/
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type that in your browser and tell me where it takes you.
ABers, please see the separate thread ...

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Is The Honeymoon Period Over?

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