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Labour Crushes Tory Lead.

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gulliver1 | 09:53 Mon 21st Sep 2020 | News
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Labour are now Neck and Neck with the Tories, in the latest opinion poll
for the first time since Boris was elected "You Gove poll for The Times"
What a boost for Keir Starmer as he prepares for his first Party Conference, as Leader. Look out Boris your Honeymoon is over.


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dream on Gully....till 2024 when Boris will kick your April yet again!
any idea when the first Labour win since 1974 might occur?
Labour are still looking for their 4th leader in 120 years to win an election, pitiful.
Oh for goodness sake, humour him. Hurrah!!!!!
It's a long time to 2 nd May, 2024( election date) and the bookies still have Boris as favourite.
I am naomi, just giving him something to consider!
// Look out Boris your Honeymoon is over.//
erm the Honeymoon may be over.

but the marriage ( made in the ballot box that is!) has still four y to run innit?
^That to TTT.
EC, beloved of the late Mikey, still predict a clear Tory Majority if an election was held now, and it wont be until 2024! PMSL!
// Oh for goodness sake, humour him. Hurrah!!!!!//

Naomi as stand up comic - now that is really funny !
who slipped PP a roofie? That was almost a coherent reply!
yes or no - the smiley whizzed past me
BUT I have to say N HAS give me a smiley icon
it was - - - about five years on my fridge

Labour crushes Tory lead - they need to crush the Tory majority which will take some crushing - ( sort of brushing by Churchill) - and the crush by date is around 2024
"Labour crushes Tory lead" - well the lead is reduced but not by Labour, by the CV fiasco. I doubt any occupant of no 10 would have done any better or any different. Plenty of time to get back up to kick Labour's April in 2024.
foo - hurrah - the first "what he on den?" crushing one liner of the week ! timed at 10 oclock Monday

it is gonna be a sloooooow week - but nice and sunny outside.

Isn't it a sign of how Labour lost their appeal to the electorate that they have only managed to get to neck and neck?
Labour have had an open goal for weeks. why are they having such difficulty pressing home?
mush 10:24 .....err because they are an anti British, terrorist loving pile of anti Semitic socialist mediocrity that the public haven't trusted since 1974?
Seeing the thread title, not only did I know who wrote the thread, I knew who would make the first comment and almost word for word what it would be.

What The Labour Party needs are some big hitters from the old school that the electorate can believe in.SKS may have a great legal mind but with blundering Boris on the ropes like a punch drunk fighter he can't land an effective blow.

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Labour Crushes Tory Lead.

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