Terrorist Incident....noooooo!

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ToraToraTora | 13:01 Sun 21st Jun 2020 | News
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As I said earlier on another post.....


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They mentioned 'terror' last night.
Just been announced on radio that Anti Terrorist Squad have now taken over the investigation.
Terrorist "incidents" for murderous religious fanatics, but old folks protecting statues are Right Wing attacks.
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so why was I not allowed to mention it earlier?
I mention ed the cause on this post and it was removed:
No idea, I didn't see your comment - I just know it was mentioned on that thread last night.
“Lessons will be learned”....... again?!
jakep - you can always learn from any incident.
It said on the news that the attacker was a Libyan.Havent we enough knifemen(and women)roaming the streets of Britain already without importing more of them?
Earlier the MSM were trying to imply it wasn't terrorism. Sky actually said it wasnt terror related and then in the next sentence said the terror squad were involved.

Now they are trying to say he is mentally ill. Anything to give the HR lawyers something to keep the scumbag in the country.
yeah they have renamed Reading
Stabbingham !

well honestly have you read the rest of the thread?

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Terrorist Incident....noooooo!

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