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gulliver1 | 07:00 Sun 21st Jun 2020 | News
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Leader of Londons BLM protesters. Demands meeting with Johnson . Lets see how he squirms out of this one after declining meetings with Andrew Neil, and Piers Morgan.


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No squirming required. Boris will politely tell him where to go.

Who is this upstart anyway, leader of an anarchic rabble, to presume that he has a right to an audience with the Prime minister?
Gulliver, you do not demand a meeting with the PM, you make a request.Can you give me one good reason why the PM would meet with this anarchist?
andrew neil is locked down innit in France
and Piers Moron isnt black

I thought Bonker Boris' position was clear ( please no crudity, this is a family site) - everything will be solved with a commission on the cheap

cripes ! Nil disperandum

come on ABers a chance to practise your Latin
and underused and disparaged language if you ask me

Dux dicerabit:
omnis commissione solvi

Jackdaw. I think she's a she. Described as an actress, her 15 minutes of fame is going to her head.
Dico is third conjugation so it should read Dux dicet.

Some more Latin:

In 1968 Enoch Powell quoted Vergil:
...bella, horrida bella
Et Thybrim multo spumantem sanguine cerno.

It seems he was right.
oh in that case he will quote Catullus
there is a poem where the gurlz bird ( deliciae ) has died

Now, because of you, the darling eyes of my girl are red and swollen with her weeping. (poem 3)

but he is fixated with something lower down - naughty boy !
just like Boris ( and Trump)
Do they use 'and' rather than 'an' in Latin?

She will demand Boris removes Munira Mirza.
The way he is rolling over, she might get her way.
Hi Jack
trying hard ( hur hur hur) to life the level of this post !

that by the way boys and girls- is war borrid war and the Tiber foaming with much blood ! - thanks for the original

Powell - can I diverge - was a prof of Greek at 26 ( Oz) and because of his auncient languages was posted during the war to - -- Cairo (excuse me?) where he promptlu learnt Arabic ( not an Indo European language )
Question Author
You and I Would request a meeting . Arrogant people Demand.
No Boris should not meet this so called leader, Just interested in how Cummings is going to get him out of it without causing more Protests
oh boris is an 'and' man - looks at the ladies and thinks:

crikey - this one and this one and that one and the other one
The girl was Lesbia. She gave up Catullus to go and work as a prostitute.
Ode 54:
Nunc in quadriviis et angiportis
Glubit Magnanimi Remi nepotes.

(Now on street corners and down back alleys she fellates soldiers [sons of the great Remus].
Spice, //She will demand Boris removes Munira Mirza. //

She's done that.
Boris hopefully will treat the request with the derision it deserves
Why would he need to squirm ? He'd simply need to decline to meet with those organising unnecessary protests at things happening in some other continent, and nothing to do with us. Unsure why he'd want to encourage racist protesters anyway; unless he mistakenly thought it'd calm the situation down.
Spice is still in bed.

I'm aware of what she has demanded, I was the way things are shaping up Boris will capitulate.
*I was saying*
If Boris is seen to give even an inch to this rabble he will lose all credibility. Boris is cleverer than that.
No worries, Ladybirder.

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