Oh Dear, Looks Like The Guardian Will Have To Be Boycotted.....

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ToraToraTora | 13:15 Sun 21st Jun 2020 | News
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Founded in 1821 by a cotton Merchant who made his money on the backs of slaves. TBF hardly anyone buys it anyway!


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yes but it was buried in another thread, I, thought it deserved more prominence.
You cannot get rid of the Grauniad. What are we to do the next time there's a shortage of toilet rolls?
It wouldn’t really make a difference jackdaw; only The Daily Record (whatever that is) and City A.M., which is a freebie, have a lower circulation than Tue Guardian. Mind you, that’s hardly surprising, given clowns like Toynbee and Monbiot write for it.
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yes gromit but no links to slavery so that's alright!
// The Daily Record (whatever that is) //

it's a regional paper, published in Scotland. it has close ties with the Daily Mirror.
The Daily Record is the Scottish version of the Daily Mirror.
aka The Daily Ranger.
From henceforth The Guardian can now be referred to as the paper founded on the back of slavery.

The irony is delicious.
-- answer removed --
That's it. I'm never buying the Guardian again.
Where will the lefties get their fake news now.
Oh Dear.
"Where will the lefties get their fake news now."

From poisonous right-wing rags, just as they do at the moment.
Slavery was abolished in 1807 when Guardian founder John Edward Taylor was a 16 year old Apprentice in a Cotton Mill. He became a Cotton Merchant much later.

Trading in Cotton after slavery is abolished is hardly a stain on humanity. Everyone in Lancashire and Yorkshire at that time was involved in the cotton Trade.
Oh no, what can I wipe my backside with now?
I think I've got some old pictures of my great grandparents in the attic somewhere, and I reckon they were probably racists. I suppose I'll have to go up there, find the pictures and destroy them at some point.
While you're up there, tomus, could you cast around and see if there's something that the bogster could use to freshen up with?
Spare blushes and all that.

Even though slavery had been abolished throughout the empire British traders were still importing cotton from the USA slave states all through their Civil War 1861-65 so J E Taylor could well have been involved.

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Oh Dear, Looks Like The Guardian Will Have To Be Boycotted.....

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