Yet Another Thread On The C-Virus

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Khandro | 12:39 Mon 16th Mar 2020 | News
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I've been sent this link by a doctor friend, it's long (over 2,000 words) but very comprehensive for anyone interested.


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Thanks, Khandro. It was a very interesting article - far more measured and informative than much of the stuff appearing in the media.
Thanks, Khandro (ditto).
yes a good article....he hasn't mentioned feasibility issues surrounding compliance and the mental and emotional effects of isolation but i guess that's not his field
Yes, thanks for posting, very interesting.

He writes that everyone expects that people will comply with efficient public health measures put in place by responsible governments. I would hope that’s true, but the impression you get reading threads on here is that some won’t as they think they know better what are and what aren’t efficient measures.
Nickorwan can I ask, did you mean to write Mickerwan?
No, TTT, Nick is what people call me and Wan is my setter's pseudonym. (I only joined to thank posters for comments on my puzzles, but do occasionally find myself getting involved reading news threads.) Who or what is Mickerwan?
I see, I thought you'd intended a spoonerism.
Oh I see, very good, I should have seen that.
radio 4
pm has begun early (Mon 16 M 20)
the evg news programme usually kicks off 17 00 is half and hour early
does that mean something has happened >
this is one of the less gormless corona threads
so I have chosen this thread

the math modeller is Prof Neil Ferguson

and his updated model which upset everyone yesterday seem to ge this

good luck wivda maff - Bayesian which i can do and probabilistic which I cant

there are also the nine other earlier updates some where near which are NOT quite as hard to read

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Yet Another Thread On The C-Virus

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