Yay Tv Licence Fee Charge For Oldies Being Put Back Until August.

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ladybirder | 13:17 Mon 16th Mar 2020 | News
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Not a lot but every little helps.


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should be cancelled altogether!
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Agreed, paying for it will cancel out the older people's SP increase. I can't remember when it was due to come in but I think it's delaying it for only a couple of months.
Would they check up if when I got a demand to pay the license fee I sent the demand back saying deceased?
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Just read my own link ...
Two months' reprieve.
I think it should be made pseudo-voluntary, I for example would be quite happy to pay it but people on basic state pension only would no doubt find it a trial. Only problem is I'm not sure how it could work, the super-rich would no doubt not pay (that's the attitude which got them super-rich after all) which would be unfair.
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You try it and let us know. If you're successful we can all do it;-)
Were you to return a letter and mark it 'deceased' they would reissue the letter addressed to 'The Occupier' and the whole thing starts up again.

Nice idea though.
I will be honest and say after not paying for so long I grudge having to start now,
My other objection is the salary paid to the likes of Gary linekar,and the 2 robots on a question of sport,and others,Ryland,and those other buffoons on the baking programs.
i'm not getting over excited at the thought of saving twenty five quid

JORDY, you could say you were deceased and the BBC would pass that on to the DWP who would likely suspend your pension whilst investigating the information.
Should be abolished totally.

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Yay Tv Licence Fee Charge For Oldies Being Put Back Until August.

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