Should This Woman Be Looking After Children?

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ToraToraTora | 12:21 Mon 16th Mar 2020 | News
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Ok so she's completely radio but is it fair to brainwash the kids?


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I'd call that educating, not brainwashing.
Daft as a brush !
Question Author
why doesn't that surprise me diddly?!
For completely rental you should read the comments on the link I posted late last night... frightening, (last posts):

Issue is TTT is you're a banker and not a scientist.

Actual scientists have said there is a climate emergency. (No matter what your AB account posts!)

So, if the climate does become a problem in the next 5-10 years, imagine what the shops and shelves will look like when people are buying for what may be seen as the end of civilisation, instead of some virus where most people won't die from.

This woman is thinking ahead and is ready. Just because you're not doesn't mean you should mock her.
Good grief, TheDevil, do you think planting a few vegetables in the back garden is going to make the slightest difference?
Vulcan I’d give a wide berth here
It's not just about the vegetables is it? It's the entire lifestyle.

But yes, I do think any method to be more self sufficient would make "the slightest of difference".

How self sufficient are you? How long would you survive without supermarkets or stores?
The Devil, she is talking about the end of the world not until the supermarkets reopen. If it's the end, not all the vegetables in the world will make a difference.
If it's the end, then the lady has her own supply of food.

I'm not sure how that can be a bad thing or seen as not beneficial.
I Have no issue with her raising her children - there is a lot worse done to other children out there.
I don't believe she is really harming anyone and she is entitled to her opinion.
If it's the end of the world she'll not need any vegetables!!
I think the title of this thread could be worded implies that she is a bad mother. I don't think she is, and parents should make their children aware of how the earth...and society...have changed, and are changing. But this...its OTT to say the least. And she'd never be able to feed herself, and three growing children with what would grow in a suburban back garden. She's fooling herself.
Question Author
she's not a bad mother in the mothering sense but she's imparting her warped ideas to impressionable children who will grow up believing her and will have a huge shock when they become aware of the rest of the world.
Totally gaga and it is certainly not fair to brainwash children.

And no diddly it is not educating, educating would be giving them ALL the facts not just the ones that suit your agenda. Looks like we can all see what sort of teacher you were.

The children go to school and watch the TV etc - they aren't in a cocoon away from the rest of the world.
Yes but the woman is not educating them.

And after this in the National press I wonder how much bullying they will endure?
I have to agree with TheDevil. Why is she 'GaGa'? The science says that the planet is heating up. The chances are that we will not be able to keep it inhabitable the way it is so why ridicule her for trying to do something that gives her more piece of mind?
As for the professor's paper. After the way people in the UK have behaved due to of the possibility of self-isolation then as climate changes gets worse can you not see human behaviour getting worse?
I most definitely see ‘human behaviour’ on the decline but not necessarily with climate change ;0/
"If it's the end of the world she'll not need any vegetables!!"

Well her "end of the world" will be weeks, months, who knows maybe even years after our "end of the world" when we have no means to be self sufficient and we rely on suprmarkets etc.. When the shelves go bare this lady will have a stock pile of veg and more to come. She will bed oing just fine whilst we're literally killing each other over food because law and order has gone out the window.

It will be dog eat dog unless dog has their own food supply.

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