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If she thinks Brexit is her achievement and you think she's got the hots for Nige, you're as daft as she is.
Jeepers! That's surely against nature. I may not sleep tonight.
What a disgusting insinuation,shame on you,
A fine figure of English Womanhood.
I love Ann W, best eye roller there is
Me too, bobbi. A real character.
I have been a secret admirer of Widders for years. went off her a bit when she turned RC but otherwise a good egg all round.
Yay I'm team Widders as well. She's quite a character.
I love ‘Team Widders’ LB :0)
I like Ann as well.
We could start a ‘Widders’ appreciation society lol
Count me in Bobbi. lol
You'll be the "Was"
Your the vice chair person Marval, I’ll be the treasurer :0)
Ooh thank you Bobbi.
As the lady herself would say "Poppycock" (if sensored this should be 'poppyc?ck'
They'd make a lovely couple. Line a Fred and Rose for the 21st century, just a little less murdery. (This is a joke, don't start)
sorry ... censored
They are all just having a Brexit love in, I wouldn't read too much into it.
Strictly delicious.

(Like Jackdaw, puzzled she turned RC? Thought she was too savvy for that.)

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