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It was all to do with the Cof E ordaining women, to which she was vehemently opposed.
The whole of the RC church is sooooo unbiblical.
I thought that would repulse her.
Lol how is she going to “hold ‘Boris” to account”
He’s got an 80-seat majority.
She’s about to lose her seat ...
She could ring up Boris.
Imagine that voice screaming down the blower!
Theland....//The whole of the RC church is sooooo unbiblical.//

How do you know that?
He hates us, told me many times and now implies Catholics aren't savvy.

Nice that isn't it?
I think Ann looks better now than she ever has.

The thing about Ann is, amazingly for a politician, she actually speaks to the truth. And, judging by some of her TV programs, she relates to ordinary people. I agree about the RC thing though. Weird!
Theland, her objection to the ordination of women isn’t unbiblical. Read your bible.
Naomi I agree.
I don't think she has ever really had the 'hots' for anyone.
Her maternal grandmother was a Catholic but her brother and nephew have both had positions (Canon and Priest, respectively)in the Anglican Church.
"I left the Church of England because there was a huge bundle of straw. The ordination of women was the last straw, but it was only one of many. For years I had been disillusioned by the Church of England's compromising on everything. The Catholic Church doesn't care if something is unpopular."
She may be 'forthright' in her views and 'outspoken' but there is much of which she says with which I heartily have disagreed and continue to do so...
I have affection for catholics, not the RC church.
My father was RC, as is my brother in law, son in law and daughter in law.
Some of my best friends................
what a frightening thought.
//I don't think she has ever really had the 'hots' for anyone. //

I think she did at one time. I heard her speaking of her student days when she had a boyfriend. I got the impression that they both wanted to marry but for some reason that wasn't to be. She seemed sad.
Some of my best friends are Remainers.
I love Widdy.
I do hope she has known love.

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