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Hasn't that allegation been around for 30 years- it was made in a book (alleged amount was £75000 then)
If this refers to the Charlemagne Prize - Edward Heath was a recipient in 1963 I understand.
And the Telegraph reported the amount as £446 not £75000
Are we ABSOLUTELY sure this is from the Express?

Not a hint of snowmageddon, Diana or Maddie in the whole piece.
What a strange article.
The headline suggests Heath took some sort of massive bribe before signing the treaty (as if he would have needed it)
But it’s actually a prize only worth that in “today’s money” (not 1973 money)
And it was mentioned in a book written by far right commentators years ago so hardly news.
And it may actually have been £446 anyway.
I know the Express can be crass, but this bad?
A prize awarded for a speech a decade before we joined the EEC I meant to add
explains a lot!
an early VBQC.
The insistence that it wouldn't affect sovereignty was precisely why folk considered the stories that it would, were propagada, and disbelieved. And ultimately much of the reason we opted to remain in. One learns to be cynical of politicians.

And it's why there was such a core portion of the public who knew we'd been betrayed, and so wanted out.

The last referendum was different. We knew the remainer contingent were distorting the truth again, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice would be shame on me, one bitten twice shy, so we paid no heed to the lies.

A payoff to drag us in at the cost of sovereignty in the first place would be quite an incentive to some though. Most plausible.
Of course, he might have been keen because the Daily Mail had spent 10 years campaigning to join.
Or alternatively the DM may have campaigned because he seemed so keen.
Not that I consider the DM has such power/sway on a PM.
Question Author
FF //Hasn't that allegation been around for 30 years- it was made in a book (alleged amount was £75000 then)//
Did you have salary in 1963 ?

ichi // But it’s actually a prize only worth that in “today’s money” (not 1973 money)//

It wasn't in 1973 it was a decade earlier, but do you understand the purchasing power of that sum nearly half a century ago? How else could you look at it?
I’ve explained why the article has a wholly misleading headline.
Heath did not receive 1.5 million pounds just prior to signing us out of the EU. He may have received a fraction of that in 1962 as a prize for making a speech. Possibly as little as (the oddly specific) £446, neither of which would have been remotely close to 1.5 million by 1973. Which is the date that matters.
So, wrong amount, wrong date and wrong reason.
Apart from that, spot on.
I see the journalist whose name appears at the top is also an award winner - heaven help us.
Khandro- the article in your link said "[Mr Heath] certainly benefited, after having signed away British sovereignty in 1972, from the £75,000 Charlemagne Prize – presented by the German city of Aachen – for those who have done most for the construction of the European State."
So why are you querying the £75000 figure.
Yes it was a lot then. The article is clearly intended to mislead by giving the impression he got the money after signing away sovereignty in 1972, when I reality he received the prize in 1973.

But as we have also said the figure of £75000 is speculation and another source said it was only £446- clearly quite a lot then but nothing like the other figures given.

That should have said "when I reality he received the prize in 1963 not 1973"

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