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How Has Ghislaine Maxwell Not Been Questioned Over Jeffrey Epsteins Crimes?

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barney15c | 22:19 Mon 02nd Dec 2019 | News
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I can't believe she hasn't been approached to give information of what this man has done and Prince Andrews alleged behaviour. Is she being protected?


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Do they know where she is?
Mr Epstein is dead (and likely to remain so).

Prince Andrew, as far as I can gather, has committed no criminal offence.

Ms Maxwell, likewise.

Don't know what all the fuss is about.
subpoena Prince Andrew's security guards...if he was dropped off at Ghislaine's mews.....
Question Author
Ms Maxwell could well be complicit in trafficking young women for sexual purposes.
She sounds, from what I've read, very complicit.

Andrew - he should have known better but I can't see what crime he's committed.
Question Author
Forensically examine the original photo of Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts. Its not digital from what i know, so hard to fake. That will prove if Prince A was telling the truth or not.
if she was 17, there was no offence here or in NY.....if she was 17 or younger in Florida, then there is a case to answer. However, perjury/slander now?
There's time yet.
Is it bedtime, Khandro?
ummm; //Is it bedtime, Khandro?//
Yes (I'm an hour ahead) & a few pages more of Thomas Mann's, 'The Magic Mountain'.
I think Ghislaine should expect a knock on the door anytime soon.
Question Author
She's like her old man, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She's complicit alright.
perhaps the apple will fall off a yacht, barney?

ummmm: no, not.
I thought she'd gone 'off grid'?
OK :-)
I read a while ago that nobody knows where Ms Maxwell is, she seems to have disappeared without trace.
It was a laugh just now listening to the ITV National news at 2230. Everything was Prince Andrew was alleged this that and the other. The 'allegations' are bound to upset the Royal family etc etc. All 'alleged' yet when they mention Epstein the media have pronounced him guilty of everything including the Gun powder plot. I realise he was found guilty of sexual offences and a totally abhorrent individual but ,because he is now dead,the media seem to consider he is fair game to accuse him of all and sundry without due process of law. Like Khandro. Yaawn.
Epstein's Lament ?

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How Has Ghislaine Maxwell Not Been Questioned Over Jeffrey Epsteins Crimes?

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