Andrea Leadsom Resigns

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grumpy01 | 19:45 Wed 22nd May 2019 | News
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She stated Givernment policy will not deliver Brexit.


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Another back-stabber. Tory party is full of 'em.
she's correct the party will not deliver brexit
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Its just a typo Baldric, for goodness sake!!!!!
//the party will not deliver brexit //

i'm not sure any party can now. nobody is going to vote for any May deal given her departure is pretty much guaranteed, and there's a good possibility any new Tory leader won't honour it anyway. plus they've already said the new leader won't be confirmed until the party conference, by which time the clock will have well and truly run down.

general election? the only party with a credible possibility of forming a government is labour, so there's no possibility of any other party delivering Brexit, they won't get the opportunity. Labour (if not their leader) is committed to a second referendum, for which there is now no time before the 31st October, and an EU negotiating team who are not for turning.
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She's just realised ?
And every proof read is perfect.

Maybe it's true, some don't see problems where they exist and/or conversely see problems where they don't exist.
// ''Givernment????''//

that is a government that says 'it s a given .....' alot

like it is a given that Brexit will be delivered one way or anuvva - altho I think that the govt is falling apart

and dont forgert to vote tomorrow folks !
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Has Andrea done her leadership hopes any good here ?
Please stop trying to misdirect the thread, it is just a typo. Try instead to answer the question.

Leadsome was completely anonymous before she stood for the Conservative Leadership against May. She stood down to leave May unopposed, and her reward was a cabinet position as leader of the Commons.

The House of Commons has bee completely shambolic ever since. The events and their behaviour over the past 6 months have been a disgrace.
Definitely an instance of being promoted beyond her abilities. She should have been sack months ago.

Good riddance, but probably too late.

Leadsom's resignation is nothing more than a move to be the next leader of the now defunct Conservative party. She has voted for May's treacherous deal no less than 3 times. A deal designed in Brussels, and followed by the letter by May and her slavish, self interested mental pygmies to traduce the soul and self respect of the people of Britain at the altar of EUSSR globalism and hive mentality. A mentality whereby we all become drones without a choice ever again, and the "elite" would be queen bees, tussle amongst themselves for the ultimate position of deciding future policy and direction. Vote wisely tomorrow.
She was never fit for the job, some interesting interactions with the speaker and hurt. She always looked quite foolish . Hang
I have feeling the Brexit party is going to do well tomorrow.
It’s taken her a fathom that out :-)
An odd time to go perhaps, as Mrs May herself will surely have resigned by the time tomorrow’s votes have been counted.
Taken her a while to fathom that out even ;-)
The EU will grant an extension for a referendum or an election should either of those things be in the offing in the coming months.
Feels quite a significant resignation, really. But probably need more to come. If all the Tory Brexiteers in the cabinet got organised rather than just moaning, and quit at once, she'd be surely gone the next day.

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Andrea Leadsom Resigns

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