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Gromit | 07:56 Thu 23rd May 2019 | News
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The Brexit Party will win the majority of seats, UKIP will disappear.
The LibDems will get all the Remainer votes and come a good second - beating Labour in London.
The Labour Party will have a bad day coming a distant third, and the Tory Party will be virtually annihilated.
Don’t think Tommy Robinson will get elected, despite all the free publicity.

Have I missed anything ?


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Any other Tory leader would resign after such a bad result, can May dismiss it and carry on ?
Needs more Vichy, Quisling and treason but not a bad effort. :-)
Pretty much what all the polls have been saying. Don't usually put much store by them but they have been so consistent and parties so far apart I think it's a pretty good indicator.

Not sure on Robinson though. That could go either way, he does have people that agree with his ideas even they dont like the way he delivers it.

Will May go? Nope, the woman will have to be dragged from No10 no doubt with finger nails scratching on the wall as she goes.

Personally. I don't think Ukip will disappear.
I think the LibunDems had a bit of a freak result in the local elections and are getting carried away with themselves.
The only way Tommy won't be elected is if the fix is well and truly in.
But hope you're right about the other things.
I don't think she'll resist in the end.
She's fulfilled her obligation as sacrificial lamb and stopgap in chief.

A wee jaunt to the palace in a few weeks to be rewarded for services to delay the semi retirement with a couple of lucrative gigs.
Theresa May will resign on Friday.
She’s apparently been given two days by the 1922 Committee. I thought the vote counting only began after the polls closed across the EU on Sunday, but apparently not.
I was popping out to put some waste paper in the bin yesterday when I met the postman: he said “Just the one thing for you” and as he held it out I could see it was a UKIP election leaflet. He looked at me and I looked at him and he said “In the bin?” ... “In the bin” I replied.
Sometimes things work well ...
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The anti Muslim electorate in the North West will have the Brexit Party and UKIP on their ballot paper. Labour should do not as badly here than in the rest of the country, so I reckon Robinson will be squeezed out.
The Brexit Party will triumph and the LibDems will take the Remainer votes, both short-lived successes. Labour and the Conservatives will take a major hammering, UKIP will all but disappear, and Tommy Robinson won’t be elected.
Gromit; No parties or candidates in these elections are "anti Muslim", not even Tommy Robinson.
Anti-Muslim? You haven't got a clue what you're talking about.
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In the 2014 Election the result for North West England was:
3 Labour
2 Conservatives

I predict in 2019:
4 Brexit
2 LibDem
1 Labour
//UKIP will disappear.//
//I predict they'll be joint 3rd with Labour//

SR //The only way Tommy won't be elected is if the fix is well and truly in.//
Rubbish, he won't get elected because he won't get enough votes.
well I've just voted brexit, there's one for St Nige.
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// Gromit; No parties or candidates in these elections are "anti Muslim" //

And I never said they were. I said the “anti-muslim electorate” and they are more likely to vote for the parties I mentioned.

I would contest the Robinson is openly anti-muslim. I have his election leaflet.
Have I missed anything ?

An update on this perhaps?
Gromit//I have his election leaflet.//
I presume that remark was tongue-in-cheek. Hi past behaviour belies whatever he has put in his election leaflet.
Question Author
The prediction of UKIP all but disappearing was NATIONALLY.
The prediction of joint third was in just this ONE constituency, North West England.
You obviously don't know what disappear means, then, gromit.
My wife, a dyed in the wool Conservative, has defected to the Lib Dems.
So there :-)

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