Genital Mutilation

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spathiphyllum | 11:23 Wed 17th Apr 2019 | News
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I've said many times how many young boys have their genitalia mutilated. I usually bring up this fact during discussions about Female Genitalia Mutilation and people suppress the fact it happens to males. yes it may be in better conditions and circumstances, but it still happens.

Now the BBC is reporting on it. ->

Circumcision is normalised. Should it be?


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I don't think ear piercing should be done on someone else either, even your own child. Some things are personal decisions.
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Pixie the OP is questioning "Circumcision is normalised. Should it be? "

It's totally normal for people to circumcise their new born baby boys in many parts of the world.

The reason i provided the article is because the boy in it has a similar idology to me regarding circumsision which i've mentioned on AB before in other genetal mutilation threads.
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and i regard foreskin as rather personal.
So do I... it really is worth reading answers before replying to them xx
spath--Apart from those having their boys done for religious religions I don't think many parents would have their baby boys circumcised unless it was for medical reasons.
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Not in the UK i agree, but america? Well. It's standard procedure.
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Three-quarters of American adult men are circumcised.
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"Stephen Box is part of a generation in the US for whom circumcision was almost universal - so much so that an uncircumcised boy would stand out in the locker room, his most private part an object of curiosity, perhaps even ridicule."

Stand out in the locker room.. because you HAVEN'T had parts of your penis chopped off.

Spath---- Are we talking about American parents having their baby boys circumcised or are these grown men doing it as a fashionable thing to do.?
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It is not a fashion thing. Is it???? As far as i know.. no one has been circumcised for fashion, unless it's due to their parents fitting in with the current trends wise if you get me?

But i am talking about all circumcision related situation from the one in the OP news article, to baby boys globally.
It was perfectly normal in 60/70s in our circle to have it lopped off
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It still is quite normal
Nothing normal about lopping body parts off for the heck of it.
/// it is still a primitive practice to chop off parts of the human body for culture reasons rather than genuine medical ones. ///

That's what I kept telling my Mum, but she still insisted on my regular visits to the barber.

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Genital Mutilation

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