Is It Really Ghoulish To Collect Or Sell Pieces Of An Historic Building, After All No One Died?

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anotheoldgit | 09:31 Wed 17th Apr 2019 | News
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It's not ghoulish - no one died - but it's in rather poor taste to sell bits of the cathedral.
Not ghoulish but definitely insensitive.Well done e-bay in removing the adverts.
People have a right not to care about notre dame just like people have a right to care about it.

People sold parts from the Prince Phillip crash.
Some people pay to own a "bit of history".
If they didn't being a collector would be a worthless pastime.
Exactly Ozzy. The only question is, do they have a right to sell it? I assume not which is probably why the listings got took down.
Chancers chancing their arm with the gullible. Nothing new.
"do they have a right to sell it?"

Not if they stole it, but if it landed on their property then yes they would.

Does seem like cashing in so soon after the disaster, but it takes all sorts to make the world go round I suppose.
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People have collected and sold souvenirs for years and years.

I bet if some of you were to be offered a piece of such an historic building you would snap it up without hesitation.
What do you think will happen to all the debris that cannot be re-used in the rebuilding. Landfill maybe/probably? Is that not insensitive? Perhaps those attempting to sell their supposed bits of Notre Dame would have donated the profit from their sales to the rebuilding funds. Who knows? Who cares? No lives were lost and, in the end, it's just bricks and mortar.
More so, if i got the chance to flog some carbon to an idiot for £100, i'd snap that opportunity up.
If they own the bits of cathedral then I'm ok with them selling it. Probably will need an authentication certificate though.
I think it was ex-wood rather than bricks and mortar. :-)
I have a bit of the berlin wall and a piece of granite from a monument in Egypt - ghoulish? I don't think so.
do you know which monument ?
I can understand people keeping a piece of the cathedral, but the opportunistic selling of the remains doesn't sit well with me.
I'd rather some money than a dead bit of wood.
Perhaps they could collect all the debris then invite Parisian artists to make sculptures from it to be placed inside the refurbished cathedral.
YMF; there are images on Google showing heaps of charred wood nestling on top of what appear to be bricks. Just saying.
I don't know what all the fuss is about. It is just a building. OK it is a very old building with a lot of history but in the end it is just bricks and wood. I have to confess, though, that I am a person who doesn't "get" the keeping of souvenirs. If someone shows me a stone, and says it is from the Berlin wall, or the great wall of China, or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, it is still just a stone, like any other.
If I could by some ":charred wood" from the remains I would, pun intended!
Then I'd make a piece of furniture and put a very high price on it!

After all it's a piece of history that can no longer serve its purpose, but, someone could say,,,"do you know where this timber came from"

Value adding from scrap!!

Why waste anything?
How opportunistic is it that Notre Dame had a supposed piece of Christ's cross among it's treasures? Lots of religious buildings claim to have souvenirs, is that ghoulish?
Someone once told me that if all the fragments of the Berlin Wall were real they could almost have built the Great Wall of China!

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Is It Really Ghoulish To Collect Or Sell Pieces Of An Historic Building, After All No One Died?

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