State Pension, Why Should Women Receive Compensation?

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anotheoldgit | 09:22 Wed 17th Apr 2019 | News
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For years Men had to wait until they were 65 before being able to retire and to receive their pension, but women could retire at 60 and still receive their pension.

Where was the equality in that? Now it seems that equality for men is to eventually take place, and yet some women are asking for compensation.

Perhaps it should be the men who should receive compensation?


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For the reasons outlined in the link.
AOG's point danny is that men never got compensated, but the issues that will arise with the age shift are exactly the same.
Have you read the article, aog?
Women are asking for compensation because their pensions are not giving them what they were expecting or was promised.
Men’s pensions are proceeding as expected.
Equality, on our terms ;-/
Question Author

Why haven't men been compensated for all those years that they had to wait a further 5 years before they received their pension.

Of course I am speaking in this age of equality for all.
AOG, the problem is not the pension rise so much as some things were not thought through meaning there are some caught in a trap.

If you planned for age 60 and were not far off then inevitably you will get caught out on some things. In this case it is the fact that private funds and any insurance was only intended to be at age 60. Hence the few are at a loss and should be compensated. (Only those that can prove a loss).

The vast majority will have no claim.
It's two separate points though AOG.

1. the women are being compensated because their lifestyling investments have now taken place too early thus they are worse off because it was wrongly assumed that pension age would not rise.

2. I agree with you, everyone should retire at the same age, men, women, both should be equal. Why should men work for longer? But that is being addressed now.
Not in my country Cal.
Once upon a time 64, now 67 with the powers that be trying to make it 70, and my age group is the most effected.

Crapppp, I'll be working till I lay in my grave ;-/
There was a cleaner in our office that was originally planning to retire at 60, it was changed with little notice and advice - she is now seeking help with investments etc but was one of the group that the union was taking for a case on.
"Why should men work for longer? But that is being addressed now."

Yes, but incorrectly. Without 100% employment levels the morally correct solution was not to force folk to work longer thus blocking job opportunities for younger adults, but to bring the age down and allow the presently employed to find a job and get off welfare.

The system was, and still is, a mess.
Err, maybe I'm wrong but in 1995 announced the women's state pension age to be equalised. Following pressure from Europe the Conservative Government was forced to announce plans to equalise state pension age for men and women. The timetable was the most relaxed possible and would raise pension age for women to 65 slowly from April 2010 to April 2020.

So a fair bit of notice!
presently UNemployed ... !!!

This is what happens when one is interrupted and hassled.
A fair bit of notice perhaps, but unfairly done. The September, October and birthdays from my school year are now getting their pensions and bus passes. I have over a year to wait for mine because I am a summer birthday. They didn’t leave school and start paying national insurance any earlier than me
// For the reasons outlined in the link.//
yeah well put
just read the article will you?

another 15 m of my life wasted on complete trash ( not being a woman 60-65)
//Following pressure from Europe the Conservative Government was forced to announce plans to equalise state pension age for men and women. //

I could be wrong here youngmafbog, but, don't you hate being a part of the stated above?
not a fair bit of notice over the working life. Women had made certain assumptions over their whole length of their working lives and these were suddenly changed. As someone who was caught in the birthdate gap, I had dealings with the pensions people in the years running up to my claim age. It was ridiculous. the pensions people were lovely but all they could keep telling me was "this is this weeks guidance but we think it is going to change. This is your pension forecast for now but we cannot say whether that will change" When my husband died, I looked into additional contributions to increase the amount of pension i would receive and was told (I have got the letter somewhere) that this was not needed as I would benefit from my husbands contributions because he had died before he received his state pension. The next thing I know is that that benefit had been removed from widows. I absolutely agree in pension equality, but when you plan your working life and finances around one set of rules and then you are told...."oh these are changing, yes we know we took money off you on this basis but well we have decided to change all that and yes you will lose out but no we can't tell you how much by" I am fortunate in that I am not dependent on my state pension but the way that it was implemented does make me wild.
puzzled, me too. my friend born in the same year as me got her pension A YEAR earlier.
Happens to both male and females in many countries Woofgang;-((

A sign of the times, worst of luck.
"I could be wrong here youngmafbog, but, don't you hate being a part of the stated above?"

Are you implying that the two are incompatible ? The issue is that the EU overrides our sovereignty, not that they never get anything right. (Were we not focused on extraditing ourselves maybe we'd have had more time to pressurising Westminster to sort it out anyway.) But as can be seen, MPs don't seem to get things right all the time, nor be willing to accept the people's will.
Women never retire.

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State Pension, Why Should Women Receive Compensation?

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