New Checks For Taxi Drivers

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10ClarionSt | 10:22 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | News
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Apparently there is going to be enhanced checking of people who apply for a taxi drivers licence. This is meant to reduce the risk of sexual crime by taxi drivers. However, what this shows is just how much out of touch with reality, some people are. It's a well know fact round here that the vast majority of drivers are operating illegally and one more ineffective piece of legislation won't make the slightest bit of difference. It works like this:
A man opens a convenience store and applies for a licence to sell alcohol and tobacco. He then applies for a licence to operate a taxi. Having gained both, his friends and family run the shop and operate the taxi between them, but he is the only one who is legal. This is happening all the time. He may not even open a convenience store; just apply for taxi licence.
People in authority live in a land of utopia and dreams, instead of looking at the reality and try to gain the experience of living amongst these things. Get you head out of the clouds, have a look round and put your feet on the ground. The reality is a lot more scary than the proposed new measures.


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I suppose it's the price of living in Mogadishu.

Or Cloud Cuckoo Land.
I agree, 10CS. This will make no difference to men pretending to be taxi drivers who then rape.

It reminds me a bit of the Soham murders and Huntley. The checks thereafter made everything more difficult for people just doing their jobs or helping in their community, but did b_ all to stop crimes being committed. If the checks had been in place then, Huntley would still not have been detected.
Every so often our traffic garage would do swoops on mini cab firms. One in Armoury Way Wandsworth would produce about 50% illegal immigrants. None were insured for Hire/Reward. No D/L or shared D/Ls (pre photo).Few had MOTs. Numerous Construction and Use offences and invariably an offensive weapon under the driver’s seat or door pocket.
Shooting fish in a barrel and then Traffic Division was drastically reduced in the Met and the cowboys flourish again.
Even one rape is too many, but out of the thousands of illegal taxi drivers how many are rapists?A little perspective required here.
Taxi drivers are gradually being eliminated by Uber anyway.
Are Uber cars self driving then?
The increased checking is just an ars-covering exercise so that when a rape does occur the "Establishment" appears squeaky-clean. As you say, it will have little impact on crime levels.
er I am in the same neck of the woods as you Clarion St - bottom of Oldham Rd., and I just dont recollect the rapes in Manchester you speak of ...

Your black cab should have an illuminated yellow sign and the council are now enforcing that - however the city is full hire cars - usually around the bus station and it is a small matter to go along to one of them ....
Question Author
Come on Peter! Where do I mention rapes? There is going to be enhanced checking before issuing a licence. In this area, as well as Newton Heath, or anywhere else for that matter, it won't make the slightest difference because people are operating taxis without licences. I've already said that. That is my point. It doesn't matter how much protection, safeguards or legislation is introduced as it will all just be ignored and the rogue taxi drivers will carry on.
no or yes
c'mon Clar'
lets us hear it for Mank taxi drivers - they ferried the kids to RMCH when the police and firemen ( who are after all paid to do this sort of stuff ) had run away from the Arena .....
sozza where do you mention rapes?
oh it must have been on the daily Brexit thread somewhere and I had a case of exasperated carry-over
Or his talk of ‘This is meant to reduce the risk of sexual crime by taxi drivers’.
I spot three refs to rape in the first ten asnwers
The only cab drivers it will affect are the legit ones who will have more red tape and no doubt cost and time.

just make it illegal to use a satnav in a cab, then you'll get proper drivers who know what they are doing instead of fly by night charlatans.
Why would that deter them. Most of them break every traffic law/conditions in the book in any case?
Perhaps ,when cabs are plated and tested as done by the Public Carriage Office (London Black Cabs) the plate on rear should include a tamper proof enclosed photograph of the properly vetted Driver entitled to drive that cab/private hire vehicle
not directly retro but they can't drive a sherbet if they are in a Gareth can they!
Do you know, I’m sure the last one I got had a driver. Lovely chap by the name of Imran, I think.

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New Checks For Taxi Drivers

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