Mp Admits He Will Defy His Own Leave Constituency

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fender62 | 23:28 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | News
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he wont honour the referendum results of his constituents, what a mess our politics are.


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He admitted he is prepared to “lose his seat” in order to support cancelling Brexit.

Then I hope that he does lose his seat.
He’s trying to say he’s principled and that really people should see him for the good egg he is and keep him in post.

Any MP who defies his constituents should lose their seat. But people are fickle and tend to vote for the same person or coloured rosette regardless.

If I had the money, time, ability and backing I would run against my mp just to be able to shout out very loud what he has done. I’m in a very strong conservative area (that voted leave) but he still has diddlies of losing but to be able to challenge him on it would be great.
I’m in a very strong conservative area (that voted leave)

So am I, cassa. Our MP is a Tory whip !
There was me thinking that the reason for being an MP was to represent the wishes of your constituents ? Let us hope he is deselected at the next election.
would you be grumbling if an MP in a Remain constituency voted to leave?
He’s actually saying that he has no principles worth having. Constituency means nothing when the vote was nationwide. The nation voted, those elected to uphold our democracy are duty bound to do so.
I think mine got promoted to something by May as wel..... perhaps we have the same MP lol
Oh my goodness I got that wrong. There was me thinking we voted to leave but it is a remain vote by 1.04%.

I must have got confused because 8miles up the road my parents constituency voted leave by 16.16%.

then he deserves to be deselected.
Sheer arrogance of the "I know better than you" type. He won't be missed.
he needs to are there to represent your constituents and follow their bidding matey !!
There is an inaccuracy in that report: in the Delyn constituency the vote was 56-44. There was NOT a margin of 56% to leave, as it claims, which would be 78-22. Anyway, a man standing firm for what he believes are the interests of his constituents and prepared to take the hit: later if it comes. Either way, that’s rather refreshing.
the vote was UK wide, his constituency is irrelevant. However the overall UK result is and he should be supporting that, so deselect away but not because of how the constituency voted.
And what if Brexit doesnt happen because leave supporting MPs don’t support the deal? This whole thing highlights the folly of Cameron’s referendum. Asking a question where it’s simply not as straightforward as black and white is fraught with difficulties as this is now showing.
Shall I donate a pound to charity for everyone who now replies: “what could be be simpler than/what do “they” not understand about the word “leave” ;-)
1. Once elected an MP is free to follow his conscience (as may be swayed by the party whip!). He doesn't have to take into account of voters views.
2. The Leave majority in his constituency may or may not be the same people who have or will vote at a General Election.
TTT, are you saying that every MP who votes No in Tuesday's debate should be up for de-selection?
TCL: No, I actually want them to reject the deal. My point above is that the stats per constituency are irrelevant. I am not linking this purely to the vote on the "deal" - generally all MPs should support a proper brexit so in this case they should reject the deal rather than brino.
With all politicians it is better to watch what they actually do rather than listen to what they say.
ich: "And what if Brexit doesnt happen because leave supporting MPs don’t support the deal? " - the default is no deal:

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Mp Admits He Will Defy His Own Leave Constituency

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