Mp Admits He Will Defy His Own Leave Constituency

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fender62 | 23:28 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | News
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he wont honour the referendum results of his constituents, what a mess our politics are.


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Strange strange opinions from leave voters. I simply cannot reconcile your bizarre logic of going from one of the most prosperous countries in the world and risking that for the sake of ‘escaping’ a system which brings jobs and wealth.
I suppose between NJ and myself we’ve identified the polarised views which are causing so much strife.
ZM // a system which brings jobs and wealth.//
To whom, eu migrants?.Certainly not the indigenous population.
Give over, danny. The wealth which our close ties with Europe, fostered through the EU mainly through preferential tariffs, are undeniable.
ZM, Give me a few instances of this.Not your opinion, but proof.
The recent Channel 4 drama “Brexit the uncivil war” highlights how Brexit was strived for by very clever but slightly bored or bitter campaigners behind the scenes: for Dominic Cummings for example, a brilliant man for whom the concerns of actual Brexit voters mattered not a jot. He was the leading light among several for whom the complacent Cameron’s firing of the starting pistol was the signal to get up to mischief. And really, that best describes it. And one reads of the wealthy hedge fund managers who idolise Boris Johnson and crave a good hard Brexit. People now threatening to withhold donations to the Tories. And you do wonder what exactly is their motivation. Concern for the sort of people whose votes were so ingeniously garnered by Cummings and co? Unlikely I’d say.
//Who in heck is Brother Anthony and why is it worth posting such utter rubbish anyway?//

As best I can make out, it comes from /pol/.
Well seems like he has chosen to forget the motto of a school he attended, “In omnia fidelis”.
ZM, all of which we have paid for with EU contributions.Apart from big business, which your links were all about, how have we as a nation benefitted?
danny if they had anything like that they'd have used it in the campaign instead of 100% reliance on project fear.
I have stayed "faithful" to my school motto kawakiri.

Clarior et Tenebris.
Clarior ex??
He may have more experience in life but clearly he's wasted it.

Meanwhile, Khandro, it's a shame that your experience in life never taught you any manners.
/// 100% reliance on project fear.///

As opposed to Project Panic used by the Leave campaign "swarms of immigrants swamping the country" etc etc
//Clarior ex?//

"et tenebris" would mean even in the shadows, might it not? (But all this is a long time ago for me)
Clarior e Tenebris chaps. Random "t" got in there. Long time for me too. Jackdaw will know.... Loosely "out of darkness comes light".
Correct,Togo. Lit. 'It is lighter when out of the dark'.
Ta Jackdaw.
W A L O B !

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Mp Admits He Will Defy His Own Leave Constituency

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