So No More Twitface For The 'spoons

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youngmafbog | 14:44 Mon 16th Apr 2018 | News
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I like the 'Spoons, Beer from 1.99 a pint, cheap reasonable nosh and no ruddy music. Add to that you can use the app to order drinks (even a cup of tea) and food to be bought to your table and Tim has a winner.

I like the shuttered little world this one lives in though:

//Craig Keith wrote: 'I'm sorry, but that is an insane move made by someone that does not understand social media. You will lose business over this, I can guarantee it.//

I can guarantee they won't !


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a bold and wise choice hopefully other businesses will have the bottle to follow suit. It's good that TM has opposed conventional wisdom here. I think the whole twitface edifice is on the verge of collapse.
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Hope so TTT.
Ironic that they made this announcement via social media.
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You are right TTT. But twitter has become one of the most used news sources around the world, from live twitter updates to full on 'news'.

I agree business don't need it, but it's a free marketing platform. Weatherspoons don't need any more marketing free or paid for. They are massive. BUT... in doing this, they have done yet another marketing tactic... Ironic.
looks like the ED is fan too!
His business, his choice - doubt it will impact on trade.
TM has always been a visionary, we'd be paying £10 a pint now with out him. He terrifies the rip off merchants. I'm confident that this will work out. What with the data harvesting fiasco etc I think Facetube etc has peaked.
It certainly won't impact on trade.. They are huge!
Will they bite the bullet and turn off the free wifi for their customers?
HC, now THAT is an awesome question... That would certainly get people of their devices
I'm sure that's next in the pipeline hc.
The real reason he has abandoned social media is because it is time consuming to maintain for very little reward and a lot of negativity. The website will remain active but he has removed the customers' ability to provide feedback.
why would they turn off wifi? Nowt to do with twitface etc. Would you turn off the lecky because you have decided not to use a toaster? Think it through!
I very much doubt it, Mamya - it keeps his customers sat down and occupied, spending money.
Good on them !
TTT, Tim has said that in his opinion people spend too much time on social media and that is why he closed his feeds. If he really believed that he'd turn off wifi in his pubs - but he won't.
he's talking about generally not whilst in the battle cruiser.
I'm not really a fan of Wetherspoons, but it's an interesting decision. They've probably realised that kind of marketing isn't doing anything for them. It's the cheap beer and grub that keeps the people coming.
Think he really cares about society's problems? The amount of fights that happen in his pubs every weekend.. This is a marketing ploy. Facebook,twitter,instagram groups (for business only) get NO audience UNLESS paid for. This is due to new regulations... What he is saying is, "i'm not paying so i'm off", and he's trying to start a movement.

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So No More Twitface For The 'spoons

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