So No More Twitface For The 'spoons

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youngmafbog | 14:44 Mon 16th Apr 2018 | News
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I like the 'Spoons, Beer from 1.99 a pint, cheap reasonable nosh and no ruddy music. Add to that you can use the app to order drinks (even a cup of tea) and food to be bought to your table and Tim has a winner.

I like the shuttered little world this one lives in though:

//Craig Keith wrote: 'I'm sorry, but that is an insane move made by someone that does not understand social media. You will lose business over this, I can guarantee it.//

I can guarantee they won't !


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Interesting move. One almost say, refreshing. I like social media and I use it, but sometimes you feel companies just use it because they feel they have to
I always use Twitter to complain to companies when I have a genuine grievance. I get a much better response than by telephone or email but I do balance that by Tweeting to companies when the service has been especially good.
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There are 47 'Spoons pubs within a 15 mile radius of my home and I've been in all of them more than once, and many others around the country.
I find the service in all of them to be poor - they do skimp on bar staff - but there are 5 that I would never go back to in a million years. That is due to the management allowing too many drunks, evidence of drug taking and dealing or too many young children running wild.
On the whole, though, they are value for money and clean.
Love curry night at Wetherspoons ...
I guess what would fit the description of 'reasonable food' is subjective. I would no more eat in a Spoons than I would buy anything from Greggs. I know, some of you would say that makes me anti British.

//they are value for money and clean.//

That just about sums it up. The bench outside our local Tesco is clean and the cans you buy inside are value for money.
Well since the only way of getting a response out of them is to heckle them via Twitter they possibly think it's a good idea. I think it's foolhardy, but then the Wetherspoons Boss is another Michael O'Leary, who arrogantly assumes nothing he thinks can possibly be wrong, so off they go, invisible in the virtual world :)
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//I find the service in all of them to be poor//

Never experienced that. Some dont fill beer up but do if asked which is annoying. In addition you cn order and pay for your drinks by the app (you dont have to order food). They bring it to the table for you pretty quick. This even works for coffee/tea (although you have to get up to use the machine as it is free refills).

//I would no more eat in a Spoons than I would buy anything from Greggs.//

Snob. Clearly you are far richer than the rest of us.

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So No More Twitface For The 'spoons

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