Aren't You Thankful You're Not In Prison?

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Khandro | 14:26 Mon 16th Apr 2018 | News
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It's really getting tough in there!


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It's not on when you can't get your emmergency supply of
coke ,by next day
I'm sure that will still be available Baz.
Yes I am.
ymb - reading that has cheered me up ...
-- answer removed --
1 hacksaw
1 grappling hook
75 m of rope
who would escape OG? It's cushier than many on the outside!
That a lot of hanging OG.
Thats to get the illicit goods in TTT.
Fewer opportunities to pull another job on the inside.
(Unless you're a computer whiz and into cracking/ Net fiddles.)
No, Not at all.

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Aren't You Thankful You're Not In Prison?

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