So No More Twitface For The 'spoons

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youngmafbog | 14:44 Mon 16th Apr 2018 | News
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I like the 'Spoons, Beer from 1.99 a pint, cheap reasonable nosh and no ruddy music. Add to that you can use the app to order drinks (even a cup of tea) and food to be bought to your table and Tim has a winner.

I like the shuttered little world this one lives in though:

//Craig Keith wrote: 'I'm sorry, but that is an insane move made by someone that does not understand social media. You will lose business over this, I can guarantee it.//

I can guarantee they won't !


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Ah, so everyone who wants to can still sit and enjoy their drink and food whilst Tweeting - all is well.
Exactly Mamy he doesn't care at all about any of that, it's literally all about money.
Zackly so, Spath
Do many bother logging on to Whetherspoons wi-fi?

You get plenty of data for your money now that I can't see many bothering.
Marketing is a wild wild horse in which no one can tame. Any publicity is good publicity in today's day and age. Seconds of infamous activity can see you set for life with riches in the bank and famous status globally.
Everyone loves free wifi. Laptops need wifi and don;' have data plans, same for ipads etc.. What else you going to keep the kids quiet with apart from £1000's of pounds worth of technology?
The amount of fights that happen in his pubs every weekend..

Have you got any figures?
Been in many and not yet seen a fight.
Question Author
"Think he really cares about society's problems?"

As he is an avid Brexiteer I think the answer is yes, to a degree.

Will he stop WiFi? why would he, like I said you can sit and order you drink on an app and have it bought to your table and that makes money.

As for fights in 'Spoons, I am sure in some it must happen as it even happens occasionally in 'cute' country pubs but personally I have never seen one and I am a regular in quite a few of them. Some od the Town Centre ones have security so not sure it would get that out of hand anyway.
"any figures"

None are needed, my point has enough gravitas to stand on its own. Further research can be done from yourself.
My ipad certainly has a mobile broadband SIM card. I can connect my laptop to my phone's wifi hotspot and use the phone's data allowance. I don't use any public wifi.
Question Author
"None are needed, my point has enough gravitas to stand on its own."

Ah, there is not evidence then, you made it up.

A cursory search of Google reveals there was a big punch up feb before last (2107)

Cant see a lot else.
As Barry Gardiner would say... ***
Question Author
Not all tablets do HC. One of my Galaxies doesnt for a start and if you are poor and on a low tarrif or PAYG then WiFi is a boon.
5 hrs ago...

"You're not likely to think of Wetherspoons, which is more associated with drunken fighting "
Just because you have not been in a spoons when there is a fight is not to say the abundance that happen in one every weekend. This is most likely due to the amount of spoons pubs about and the locations they can be found, but it doesn't take away the fact fights happen in spoons weekly.
Question Author
Still no proof Spath, just someone else's opinion, an opinion I have not heard anyone utter, nor have I witnessed in a 'Spoons.

Over the years I have drunk in some right dives and seen more than my fair share of brawls. But never in any 'Spoons and like I say I have frequented many across the country. I'm sure it happens as it happens in most pubs at some point, but not regularly.
Question Author
"fights happen in spoons weekly. " maybe should read "fights happen in SOME 'Spoons weekly" athough I suspect the number it happens in regularly is small. No on in business would carry on with an establishment that has to be repaired continually.

Anyway fights happen in many pubs weekly. Your point is?
Question Author
Fight happens in pub in Liverpool.

No S*** Sherlock.

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So No More Twitface For The 'spoons

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