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Why spend 1000's on her? her parents are rich due to the coverage, make them pay if they care enough?

There negligence made them rich...

If we spend this much on Maddy... why not any and every other child? It's unfair and it's all just a news paper story... There are other missing kids in the world, we just don't always hear about them!

She went missing in 2007.... it's 11 years later...
Best answer for you spathi I agree with you well said
Not surprised you agree Jordy! It seem's quite an obvious opinion as many children go missing, and we've already tried to find her for 11 years.

What more can they try?
Spath, you really believe that the McCann's have personally profited from the charitable donations
No, but i believe they have from the books they wrote.
No more
Which they've added to the fund, spath.
"Last week it was revealed Madeleine's parents have set aside almost £750,000 to fund a private search if police stop looking for their missing daughter."

Imagine having £750,000 to spend on a private investigation team after The Portuguese police, eight teams of private detectives and the English police have been working on the case since 2007.
Yes, there is a fund, spath. And they have spent their own money (and/or money raised) on private investigators, but it seems to me they were taken for a ride by investigators who were happy to go down blind alleys and raise false hopes
More ? Aren't we due a refund for lack of results ?
No more public money, no. People can give to charity all they like, of course.
No, spathy is bang on!
No, but only because I feel she is dead.

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Should More Money Be Spent, In The Search For Missing Madeleine Mccann?

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