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Dead or alive I do not know but no more public money should be spent , imo.
Could it be that she was abducted to ' order ' by Traffickers .
Somebody probably knows , but are too scared to come forward with what they know , for fear of reprisals .

It is odd that with all the resource and investigation that has been undertaken , the trail has been cold more or less from the outset
How does a parent live with this? Their every moment, waking or sleeping, must be a nightmare. If she were my child, regardless of cost, I’d want to continue searching. However, she is not mine and common sense dictates that unless something absolutely positive transpires, investigations should be halted. By the bye, I’ve always thought she’d been killed and disposed of shortly after her disappearance.

spathiphyllum, Her parents aren’t rich and £750,000 might sound like a lot of money but when you consider the real costs of investigating something like this, it isn’t. It's peanuts.
It really is hard to see how members of the public are qualified to judge this. If some new evidence has come up (or does come up) which seems compelling, then it seems only reasonable to pursue it. That is what the police are for. Otherwise it appears to be a cold case.
Lets not forget that there's a child abductor out there.
If they offered the £750,000 as a reward (and the blooming rest that was spent!) it may go further than using it to pay for private investigators.
It really is hard to see how members of the public are qualified to judge this//

I disagree. The members of the public have funded this search way above others and not a sausage to show for it. Each time the money runs out we are told there is a new lead, but of course there isnt one, or much of one.

This means that the public do have plenty of qualification to judge it.
I find it very hard to say no, if it were my child etc, but I don't think they'll ever find her now, if she's even alive, and will she even remember them if they do find her?
I don't think they'll ever find her. But I think at this point her parents still want to know what happened. It would drive me mad, and I can see where it can become an obsession.
Her parents know what happened.

They neglected two kids in a hotel room with the doors open in a foreign country and one of their kids got taken.

Now 11 years has gone by, more than a million pounds has been spent.. and they still have 750,000 awaiting for when the police give up and they can get private investigators.
who btw, have already tried and failed.
Search is an entitlement of ALL citizens!
Spath...get it right. They have 3 kids.
There are 00's of kids who go missing...

This is not an isolated case yet she's had all the money and media, 11 years on and nothing...
But only two were in the apartment room Ummm.
All 3 were, spath. If it were my child, I would want the same- but I also don't understand why one child is more important than all the others. No more money.
Oh even worse then really... The abductor got a selection of kids to abduct. Don't leave any children alone in foreign country...

If you like to go off and get drunk on holiday.. don't have, or take the kids!
I entirely agree. Even without outside danger, three under 3s are a risk to each other! I had to watch mine constantly at that age.
Pixie, i can understand that's what the Mccans may want.. but is it fair?

Say your child was abducted 5 years ago.. no media coverage, no massive attention, and it was from no fault of your own, the abductor took them right from your hands and ran... or you were in tesco, turn around and your kid has gone.. so no neglagance

And you discover how much money, time and effort has went into Maddy? Bless her, honestly.. but it's not fair on those parents who weren't as negligent. And i totally understand it's about the kid, not the parents. But 11 years... That's so much time!

I don't think Madeleine is any more important than any other missing child. If a fresh clue comes up the police investigate any missing child whoever they are. They have done it with Ben Needham despite his name being often quoted. IF it can be proved there is a viable lead then yes, it should be funded because if it was my child I wouldn't rest until it was.

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