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If they are letting post-op males in then it sure sounds a risk.
Can't see the beach volleyball getting past the PC censors.
I can't help thinking this was inevitable.

We have been told that we are required to accept that men who have transitioned are women, and therefore it was a logical step for post-ops to be allowed to compete with women.

It matters not that the person in question here still has the physical attributes of a bloke which means, like it or not, he'll be stronger and faster than the women he is playing with.

Can anybody imagine Billy Vunipola transitioning and then playing for the women's England Rugby team? It would be a guarantee that they'd never lose again.

Personally I think the only losers here will be women. They train and practice to be the best that they can in their chosen sport, but they'll never (or rarely) be a physical match for post-op men.
Maybe there could now be post-op teams competing against each other
Bless and good on her. Some of the Premier League players should take note as it's hard to tell which ones are not girls.
I have no interest in sport. However - that’s a bloke! How on earth anyone can say he’s a woman?
If he paid money for his ‘transition’ then a quick look in the mirror should make him ask for a refund!
Wait till the male boxers start flattening the female ones with one punch.
Then it'll proper Kick-off.. we'll hear no end of it.
Question Author
DD: "Can anybody imagine Billy Vunipola transitioning and then playing for the women's England Rugby team? It would be a guarantee that they'd never lose again. " - quite DD, the oppositions would soo join in, in the end female sports teams will be full of geezers that are allowed to play and no actual women, hence my assertion that this will kill off women's teams sports, especially rugby, Soccer and in this case aussie rules. So current womens teams will be sidelined. Madness
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Question Author
the thing is in these sports the women's and men's game is so different that, for example, any club side would beat the international womans team easily. In rugby one decent sized fit bloke would not be stopped by the women, game over, give the ball to "Charlotte" would be the game plan!
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Many many years ago I can remember watching the Charlton Ladies play a friendly against a very ordinary Sunday League men's side at a sports club I was a member of.

I think this was before the ladies were professional, but nonetheless they were considered good enough to represent Charlton and were playing the likes of Arsenal ladies.

The game was played in a friendly spirit, and it was quite apparent the men were going into challenges at a fraction of how they would normally go into challenges, and yet they absolutely wiped the floor with them without even trying.
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when I played rugby, we once played a netball match for charity against a proper local netball team. We had to have the rules explained to us and we still thrashed them. The Girls afterwards just said they could not match our speed and work rate and that's a non contact sport.
I was watching the curling the other day (no I don't know why) but wondered why they differentiate between men and women. Is it because women are more likely to have had experience sweeping floors?
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Question Author
the olympics have mixed teams now garaman.
Haha, Garaman. No. Apparently as men are more powerful they have the ability to sweep harder and control the stone more easily.
So they have separate single sex tournaments as well as the new mixed doubles event.

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