Middletons Compared To Kardashians...

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NoMercy | 11:40 Mon 17th Jul 2017 | News
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Anti-monarchist Labour MP, Emma Sent Coad, compares the Middletons to the Car-Crashians, America's trashiest clan.

Can't say I recall a recent time when Catherine or Philippa Middleton took photos of their naked selves and posted them on Instagram.

Ms Coad Dent even went on to say that the Beckhams would make better Royals.

What say you?


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Has she not been well?

Suffered a bout of Abbottitus I believe Mamya
I think Emma would be best going back to her day job.

Heaven help her constituents tho.
Hadn't realised it was contagious...

Dozy woman.

I've just noticed we are in News (??) so shall stay away now.
So we are, sorry NoM.
Question Author
Kensington is included in her constituency, rather interestingly.
If this woman is so anti-royal, why did she take the oath of allegiance?
probably had her fingers crossed behind her back Danny :-)

If her constituency has Kensington in it, then shouldn't she be more concerned about 'Grenfell?

Stupid, silly, words fail me, woman
Question Author
Perhaps she should have thought before bad-mouthing the occupants of her constiency's most famous residence.
I wouldn’t have Kate’s life for all the tea in china but I did think it was a bit much when a trailer for a docco on her described her as “an ordinary girl” I mean on what planet?
Planet Windsor, Woofy :-D

a docco about her life? already? dear lawd.
that she is talking out of her arris,
just another lefty, chip on shoulder simpleton that managed to con her way into the house. I assume she has taken the oath of allegiance! PMSL!
What The Funicular are the "kardasians" anyway? I though they were the baddies on Star Trek Next Gen!
The Kardininans are the off-spring of the Romulans and Klingons 3T :-D
miao - to the Tower with her. How pathetic and doesn't she have more issues to deal with, rather than picking on a family who won't/can't rise to the bait.

By the way, the anagram for her name, most apropos is, 'To Mad Menaces'
or if it is Dent-Coad, then, ''Menace Mad Dot.'
Both work well DT :-)

I think Jezza should have a word with her tho.....

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Middletons Compared To Kardashians...

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