Another Tragic Police Shooting

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pastafreak | 10:47 Mon 17th Jul 2017 | News
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This time it's a white woman, and she apparently thought she was safe approaching the police.


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feel for her family and friends.
truly shocking, shows their gun toting police are trigger happy, feel for her family, such a senseless killing.
You have to wonder at the screening processes involved at the recruitment stage. So many incidents and 'accidents'.

I wonder if The Donald will tweet on the matter.

"Ms Damond reportedly walked up to the car and began talking to the driver when an officer in the passenger seat pulled a gun and shot her through the drivers side door. No weapon was discovered at the scene" - This has got to be prosecuted, surely, the gun culture is out of hand in the US, walk up to a police car and get shot? seriously?

If there was the possibility for armed police to wear body-cameras, why were no body-cameras in action ? Can the police really claim not to be at fault if they could have had cameras in use but chose not to ?
"Shot her through the drivers door"

Very odd. I dont think we are getting the whole story here. What officer shoots round his colleague and through a door?
Perhaps she was a little agitated -- having, you know, just reported a crime and felt anxious to let the police know about it -- and one of them panicked.

But that's not an excuse. It seems pretty clear that, for rather too many police officers, their gun is the first resort not the last. That cannot be acceptable.
This should not have happened, what was that policeman thinking.
A lot of police over there seem so twitchy. Crazy lot! I hope to god something is done about all these needless killings. That poor poor family......
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According to a lot of the stateside comments, walking up to a police car is just not done, and is considered to be threatening behaviour. Terrible how things have changed in the years I've lived here. I seem to remember police as people who were there to protect us. Not any more it seems.
What a strange story.
Who were the witnesses?
The officer in the passenger seat, could have killed his partner.
Doesn't sound the whole story to me.
Sometimes it's easy to forget that these officers may be shitscared themselves.

Some of the police officers are also not too nice and not to bright. ( I know the grammar is not right, but it has been a bad day).
Something stinks in the state of South Minneapolis.
Judging by these questions for the American police entrance exam it appears you don't have to overly bright to become one.
// Something stinks in the state of South Minneapolis.//
it's a city innit

anyway they cant force the policeman to give a statement of what happened and the cameras were switched off - ( bad! as the Pres might tweet)
This is very strange....why was she shot ?

Its said in the clip, that they can't compel the Officer to make a statement.

Why not ?

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Another Tragic Police Shooting

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