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Trump In Parliament

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AB Editor | 13:10 Tue 07th Feb 2017 | News
25 Answers

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  • Yes - 185 votes
  • 58%
  • No - 134 votes
  • 42%

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I have tried voting Ed, but I get a message that says voting is not allowed ?
From the speaker's chair? (^_*)
Its very close so far.

Isn't this exciting !
Its still neck and neck !

Although, Trump would probably have said that its all fixed, and that he is miles head !
Yes it's Thrilling Mikey. I nearly missed a stitch in my knitting when it went level pegging.
I know Zacs....I can hardly stop checking every few mins !
Are we talking about any US President or Trump specifically? ;-)
It would help if I read the heading duh!
Think I've just made it a draw so far! Does Bercow have the power over this?
Vortex, as I used to say to my students, When all else fails, read the question!
Zebo - I blame the new layout ;-)
Why not? I believe we live in a country of virtual free speech.
it's not in parliament though is it, It's addressing parliament like all and sundry have before in a banqueting hall. I thought Bercow was talking about the House itself. Another lefty love in, happy for the terrorist Saint Mandela but but for the new POTUS? right oh!
State visit yes, if me must have him here almost before he's warmed the seat.
Address Parliament, definitely not.
Why don't we just make him prime minister and have done with it :-)
Whatever normally happens on a state visit should happen...So far as I am aware, this is a speech at a banquet and not formally addressing the Houses in session.

The Ayes have it atm, I'm pleased to see.
Getting up and speaking at a banquet fine, obviously.
The other, no. That might be a bit embarrassing for his young lady at No. 10 anyway, as I suspect there might be a few empty seats in the hall
Doing a little digging, it seems that since 1952, only 2 US Presidents have had state visits to the UK. (In fact Mexico has had 4 - I hope someone casually mentions that to Trump).
In the last 64 years, 5 foreign dignitaries people have made a speech Westminster Hall: Pope Benedict XVI (his was not to Parliament), Aung San Suu Kyi (not as head of state) and 3 heads of state: de Gaulle, Mandela and Obama.
So Trump as head of state would basically be in a quartet with the above three. I would suggest that he has no business being within a million miles of those 3, nor with Aung San Suu Kyi either.
True, why would he want to be associated with a lazy left wing bitter President who achieved Jack (apart from a warmongering), an ex-terrorist and a peddler of Fairy tales?
Last night the new US ambassador to the EU was claiming that Bercow was being hypocritical because people like Ceaucescu had addressed the British parliament(!). Sadly his interviewer failed to pick him up on it. If I can research these things properly surely to goodness they can.

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Trump In Parliament

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