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Bercow And Trump

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Canary42 | 18:48 Mon 06th Feb 2017 | News
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Speaker Bercow doesn't want Trump to speak in Parliament because of his sexist and racist views.

If applied rigourously, I wonder how many MPs that would rule out


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The problem is not so much that politicians hold racist and sexist views - which is a given, and an unacceptable one at that.

It's the fact that the leader of the free world not only does not attempt to conceal those loathsome personal attributes - he actually fought and won a presidential campaign by highlighting them!
Like it or not, he's the President of the US and our leaders should have the dignity to respect that and treat him accordingly.
Thanks Mod !
you mean like Trumpo treats Fed judges

yeah OK I see .....
Peter.....No matter what Trump says or does, there will always be people that still have their tongues out, ready to give him a good polishing !
has any non MP addressed the house? There's a public gallery if he wants to watch.
I have never heard of a speaker speaking on anything -
not even on the supply of orangey jaffa cakes in the H of C tea room

In 1573 ( yeah that long ago ) Queen ELizabeth summoned the Commons " but not Mr Speaker as I will be the only one speaking!"

and another - "I am but he mouthpiece of the members"

well Mr trump can break the rules and that means I suppose everyone else can
Peter....but we don't all have to be lickspittles do we ?

I still say well done to Bercow
Look a lot of people are not wanting Donny to speak in parley ,well he is just gonna put up with these folk as we have to year after year and like it
If MPs should treat the current President with the dignity he deserves, technically that means that there needs to be a big queue in Westminster of MPs waiting to grab him by the ***y.
SP...fascinating but revolting images are now circulating around my brain !
He needs a lesson in diplomacy , me thinks .

How did he refer to the judge that overturned his executive order about limiting people with certain countries -

'' so called judge ''
SP, I didn’t say that. I said “He's the President of the US and our leaders should have the dignity to respect that and treat him accordingly.”

Mikey, you want Trump to upset the Russians, you want us to upset Trump, you think the hapless creature that is Jeremy Corbyn and his motley crew is what this country needs, and you’re prone to fanning the flames of hysteria when it suits you. Thank God you’re not in a position of power!

By the way, you’ve unwittingly exposed your unfamiliarity with protocol many times. Look it up.

Bazile, Bercow could also do with a lesson in diplomacy!
Canary....lickspittles are circling as we type !
At last, someone from the establishment with the bal** to tell it as it is, take note Mrs. May.
-- answer removed --
Well said Anne !
Mikey, can you tell me what is ‘well said’ about encouraging the potential creation of ill feeling between nations? Of course you won’t tell me because the best you can do is punch me in the back and run away, but I simply cannot fathom that mentality, I really can’t. He is the president and all the protests and insults in the world won’t change it. This constant spiteful animosity towards him is puerile and fit only for the school yard.

Incidentally, congratulations! You’ve learnt a new word. ‘Lickspittle’. Have you looked up ‘protocol’ yet? That’s a useful one.
Never fails, reasonable topics descends into insults ;-(

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Bercow And Trump

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