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How Donald Trump Answers A Question

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Gromit | 15:33 Tue 07th Feb 2017 | News
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Apolgies, this is not news or even a question, but it is an insight into how Trump is able to talk to his audience so effectively. It must be natural, and it looks effortless, so credit where it is due.



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Question Author
Not sure why that didn't embed.
The way he speaks is so irritating.
Me neither. Will investigate.
It amazes me how at his age, he didn't have a day off, in all the time he was campaigning, and still hasn't?

Link in OP is working
I get so distracted by his hair, makeup, hand gestures, pouty mouth and how everything is so tremendous, to take him serious.
He needs to go to politician training.
Question Author
// He needs to go to politician training. //

That is the point, he doesn't. He is a natural communicator with his constituents. I posted a video about Trumps use of Twitter, that came to a similar conclusion, he is a master at pitching to his audience.

Some of us may not like the message, but his skill of using language is most impressive.

Question Author
AB Editor,

I posted the above in exactly the same way, and it embedded. Curious.
I don't think it's impressive at all.
It got him the presidency (at least in part) -- so it *is* fairly impressive, albeit for me in a depressing way. I guess the video ends with that point, ie that Trump has masterfully exploited the public's despair at politicians sounding good but failing to deliver, by not sounding good. A shame he can't fix the last bit, mind.
Very impressive.
I agree that it is depressingly impressive.
I am bemused at the great credit being given to him by supporters and even non-supporters for "sticking to his promises". "None of this is a secret" they all say. Indeed, and Hitler wasn't a surprise to anyone who'd read Mein Kampf ...
He's just like any other politician, he doesn't actually answer the question.
An archetypal Conman.
I dunno
Like Richard Nixon - would you buy a second hand car from this man ?

If yes well throw in Altlantic City as all the Trump properties there are up for sale ( in foreclosure)

If I heard on a jury
I would probably convict ( he cant answer the question )
// He's just like any other politician, he doesn't actually answer the question.//

I agree
Gromit.....Trumps supporters don't listen to his speeches....that is the problem.

His supporters are like my dog......he will listen very attentively to me giving him a long lecture of Quantum Physics, as long as the word "biscuit" appears somewhere.
your dog sounds really thweet
Mikey, //me giving him a long lecture of Quantum Physics//

Haaaa! Bingo perhaps, but quantum physics? I think not.

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How Donald Trump Answers A Question

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