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Trump In Parliament

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AB Editor | 13:10 Tue 07th Feb 2017 | News
25 Answers

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  • Yes - 185 votes
  • 58%
  • No - 134 votes
  • 42%

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Ok, The "ex-terrorist" is Mandela, but I am struggling with the others: de Gaulle was "left wing" and Obama was Jacob Grimm in disguise, Or have I got it the wrong way round.
No reply needed btw :-)
// nor with Aung San Suu Kyi either.//

whose father shot a Burmese (1946) in front of British Troops and officials to show they had no power to govern Burma
oo-er !
I wouldnt like to be near her - or her Dad !

these freedom fighter
doncha love them
until they start shooting you in the name of Freedom
/// Its very close so far. ///

/// Isn't this exciting ! ///

Indeed it is mikey, the yeses have it so far.
An invitation to address Parliament is a privilege, not a right, and needs to be earned.

21 to 25 of 25rss feed

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Trump In Parliament

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