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Andy Burnham

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Hopkirk | 22:03 Mon 27th Jun 2016 | News
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Why hasn't he resigned with all the others?


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Keeping his powder dry.......

He was in the running for party leader when Corbyn was chosen; hanging on in will make him seem more trustworthy and principled.....right up until he launches his new quest to be Labour leader.

Andy BurnhamVerified account
It is for our members to decide who leads our Party & 10 months ago they gave Jeremy Corbyn a resounding mandate. I respect that & them. 3/3
Question Author
Either that or they drew straws about when each should resign, and he got day 3.
The UK unemployment rate is already rising by the day! Roy Hodgson just resigned as well as Cameron and most of the Labour
Cabinet. Will Jezza jump tomorrow or be pushed? :-)
Because he's a creep.
Because he's a creep....... Hasn't done Boris any harm. :-) :-)
If Jeremy Corbyn is deemed a poor leader God help the labour party if Andy Burnham is chosen as next leader.
anneasquith, Boris isn't Andy Burnham.
Corbyn should call another leadership election.

He would wn it hands down thus shutting up his opponents.

I'm no Corbyn fan but it seems odd to me that the only man who has an inkling of what labour grass roots want is being ousted by a load of arrogant self opinionated Islintonists.
One may also ask why Diane Abbott has not resigned?
Perhaps she doesn't fancy another rogering from Jezza ?
Diane's there to stiffen Jeremy's resolve.
//One may also ask why Diane Abbott has not resigned? //

Diane Abbott is a duplicitous, arrogant 'creepess'.
JTH is correct here, AB is staying out of all the tantrums for now. Also YMB is correct, Jezza should just rerun the election I think he'd win it again and shut all the moaners up. Burnham is possibly waiting for that so he can have another go but under the current system JC is the members choice and I can't see that changing in the short term.
Diane Abbott is not my favourite MP but I do have a long list

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Andy Burnham

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