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1rovert | 22:01 Mon 27th Jun 2016 | News
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with all the up-evil with all parliamentary party's disintegrating.

How about William or Harry be given the chance to lead a joint party parliament.

At least they would be doing it for the country, and have no bias.

Just a thought?


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I don't think it's allowed.
Interesting idea.

Can I pinch 'Up-evil' - I'm writing a thriller and needed a title.
I don't think they're allowed.

Appropos --- I would dearly love Her Maj. to say something calming whilst accepting the next bunch of flowers. Non-political, just something on the lines of how proud and fortunate she has been to serve the UK for so long. Might calm things down as people read between the lines.
Do you mean upheaval?

What on earth is carp like this doing in the News Topic?
Don't think Britain could afford to pay them . pay one pay all the family .
We don't an Angling topic, do we?
Ah, good point.
It would have to be Charles, surely?
Don'tcha just love the term 'up-evil'? I'll second that. ;o)
It's fab and works so well.
Haaaa! Yes it does. :o)
Has anyone voted for either ?
I thought we'd just voted to throw off unelected elites telling us what to do.
Question Author
You're right, please forgive my ignorance.
Surely there is an obscure law somewhere that allows it under the right circumstances ;)
can't beat a bit of up-evil! PMSL

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