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Is a 1% victory too little?

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AB Editor | 16:51 Mon 23rd May 2016 | News
28 Answers
Here's three previous polls on the subject: Brexit, Brexit, Brexit.

This poll is closed.

Would you demand a re-run of the EU referendum if there was only 1% in it?

  • No, I would not demand a re-run - 41 votes
  • 62%
  • Yes, I would demand a re-run - 25 votes
  • 38%

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No. A majority is a majority.

I doubt it will be close. I expect many who say they are voting to stay will not bother on the day, and out will win by 4-6%.
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From previous AB polls:

Out: 69.57%, 74.70%, 62.28%
In: 30.43%, 25.30%, 37.72%
The losing side must accept it, no matter how close.

I'm sad to say I think the remains will win.

The EU will then renege on some of the things that David Cameron thought he had agreement about. Even that hardly qualified as a 'reformed' EU.
Assuming no irregularities come up, I'd accept it. you can't keep having reruns.
Unless you are the SNP
A referendum on whether folk in Ulster want to remain part of the UK can be held every seven years so what is so wrong about the SNP expressing interest in a second independence referendum?
how could demanding re-run make it happen i wonder?
do you mean another vote or a recount?
No re runs or further elections.

If we vote leave start the preparations ASAP.

If we vote to remain begin campaigning for a complete fully united and fully integrated Europe with one Government, one tax system, one health care, one education Policy and all to learn one language. That is what will happen eventually so best to get on with it ASAP.
If we vote to leave, the EU will demand another election and another and another until we vote the correct way no matter what the percentage.

They have form.
I'd just despair (again) at my fellow human beings, and wonder what hope there is for the human race.
In answer to TCL. Both situations are wrong. With no major change in circumstances voting more often than a generation of time (say 25 years ?) is merely trying to force a result by those unhappy with the last result. It is an appalling tactic and should bring great shame to anyone supporting it.
EU voting has a bit of history when it gets the decision wrong but only on a NO vote no reruns on a YES vote
If the vote is to remain, so what? Looking at events in other member states and the rise of the extreme right once again in Austria, how long before the whole edifice comes crashing down anyway. Unless they force the UK to join(prop up) the rotten Euro, the currency is heading for the final meltdown.
But they will Togo and that is what the leave campaign seem to have failed to show.
I'm sooooo disappointed. when I saw the words "Brexit Brexit Brexit" in the title, I was expecting something like this.....
gutted. :-(
If we leave there will be a tsunami down the Channel - oh hang on that's for tomorrows lie.
1% of 65million is 650,000, which is a lot of people, in absolute terms or a dozen, or more, constituencies, in general election terms.

The electorate is not 65m!

I'm guessing at a population of 70m, with 5m under 18 or "under the radar", so to speak.

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