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Is a 1% victory too little?

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AB Editor | 16:51 Mon 23rd May 2016 | News
28 Answers
Here's three previous polls on the subject: Brexit, Brexit, Brexit.

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Would you demand a re-run of the EU referendum if there was only 1% in it?

  • No, I would not demand a re-run - 41 votes
  • 62%
  • Yes, I would demand a re-run - 25 votes
  • 38%

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ONS site is annoyingly showing 2014 as 'latest' for population

at about 64.5 m

Knock off 5m again for under-18s and unregisterables, so 1% margin is

Which is still a lot of people.

In 2014 the electorate was 45 million.
What is a re-run? Vote all over again or a re-count?
Another referendum.
Thanks you Jackdaw. In that case No as long as there's been no reason to suspect fiddling has been going on.
Accuracy is all very well, jackdaw but 450,000 is still a large number. It would take a *lot* of miscounting, in multiple locations, or other, equally widespread, irregularities to make a 49/51 split challengeable.

Incidentally, who is empowered to request a recount? Would it mean all voting stations in the country have to start again or will suitably empowered representatives be at each station?


2015 update.
The total number of UK parliamentary electors in 2015 was 44,722,000, a fall of 1.3% from 2014.

The total number of UK local government electors in 2015 was 46,204,700, a fall of 1.3% from 2014.

Neither figure is appropriate for the referendum because the Parliamentary count includes ex-pats and excludes UK-resident foreign nationals, while the local government count excludes ex-pats and includes resident foreigners.

The decline in voter numbers is perplexing.
At least they say the paper will be vote stay or leave , so, whoever gets the most votes wins. I might not like the result but at least I will have voted.

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Is a 1% victory too little?

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