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sp1814 | 16:36 Mon 23rd May 2016 | News
4 Answers the far right candidate has been narrowly defeated, but we should not be complacent:

Whilst it's virtually impossible for the same to happen in the UK, what immediate actions need to be taken to ensure that it couldn't possibly happen in the near future?

Should we be voting for the 'slightly wacky' parties such as UKIP, in order to prevent the totally wacky* parties like Britain First / BNP / EDL getting a foothold?

* for 'to tally wacky', read 'semi-educated violent ex-football hooligans, who variously appear on 'Jeremy Kylie' or 'Can't Pay, We'll Take It Away'.


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Yes he narrowly missed winning, but is this the end?

Kate Hopkins seems to ask the right question.

/// The Left can’t stand it but all over Europe and America politicians are on the rise who put their own countries and culture first. But who will put Britain first? ///
Constant pandering to the dreadlocked manky lefties to the exclusion of everybody else will eventually lead to the emergence of a popular righty uprising.

Surely we live in a democracy and so if people want to vote for, in your words, totally wacky parties then they should be allowed to. At least they have the courage of their convictions; unlike you sp1814 who, rather than wanting to vote for his own party, would rather we we all ganged up and voted together to stop the honest voters getting what they wanted...

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