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joeluke | 23:18 Tue 12th Apr 2016 | News
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Why do our dignitaries (i.e Prince William's Mrs this week) pander to foreign countries when they visit them by wearing clothes befitting to that country?

I don't ever see foreign leaders wearing jeans and trainers when they visit the UK


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Are you suggesting, Joe, that Indian's do not respect our way of life? The majority of Indian's I know dress in western clothing, act like westerners and save their traditions for weddings and funerals!!
Steg...I agree...its easy for some to confuse the two things.

I stayed in a remote Motel in 1994, in the wilds of Wyoming, on my way to visit Yellowstone and the desk clerk was puzzled when I complained about the address on the print-out, showing as Swansea, England. He had never heard of Wales but thought it was somewhere in Australia !

My mentioning of Dylan Thomas, Richard Burton, etc, etc still didn't mean anything to him ! I gave up in the end.
Mikey, when I first went over to Germany (Erfurt) it took quite a bit to convince the locals that Scotland was not part of england
10/1 she wears a Sari before the end of ' the tour '. :-)
Did you hear the one about the English man, Welsh man, Irish man and the scots man.
I always think she looks lovely whatever she wears, but then I'm a fan. She can't win really. Like some others say, they dress like that out of respect.
Talking about the difference between England, Wales, Scotland. and NI, I have quite often wondered when items manufactured over there changed from being stamped "Made In England" to being made in Britain or the UK. For example, I have a clock that it stamped "Made In England", and I know for a fact that it was made in Wales.
What sort of clock is that stuey? Antique long case or something later? Some of the early antique clocks although made in Wales, by Welsh carpenters and furniture makers, did buy in the movements from London, Bristol and Shrewsbury. The cases and dials were manufactured and decorated in local Welsh workshops, but the movement may say 'Made In England'. I believe that there are such items all over the world, including the States, India and even France.
Togo, it's not antique but vintage. A mantle clock from the '40s/'50s made by Enfield:
//On the 24th January 1949 the main part of the Enfield Factory opened for the assembly and part manufacture of the //

That was 1yr and a day after I was born. Does that make me vintage? ;-)

//1952 saw the introduction of the 8 day conical pivot QH movement. The escapement itself was manufactured and assembled at the No.1 factory, Enfield works, Edmonton. After a period of about 1 year this movement was transferred to London and was lost in oblivion.//

I do not have time right now stuey to look at the full site, but will do so later. As you can see though production of items was switched between various locations.
It appears that the proprietor of what was called the Anglo - Celtic Watch Company was a Mr F. Kienzler.
If you're wondering stuey.......The scots man could only give one capital.(*_^)
// If we visit Australia do we have to wear flip flops and a hat with corks dangling off it oz?// Togo

well... when the prince of wales was in Oz and involved in a train crash he emerged with ...... a cocktail shaker ( 1935 vintage )
caused comment even at the time
I think the photie also shows him with a bowler on - natty dresser that one but didnt marry well.


when the Queen Elizabeth ( later QM ) gvisited thebombed out east end in London in 1940 - a communist whispered
O yes come to lord it over us in your fine clothes
and she replied
well if you went out visiting you would wear your best clothes wouldnt you ?

sorry off thread but wanted to whoop up an otherwise colourless column
Stuey by a very strange coincidence, Willy and I have been walking in the area of Tic-Toc this very afternoon !

If anybody, anywhere in the world, wore a Smith wristwatch, or had a Smiths alarm clock at anytime until 1980, the chances are that it was made 7 miles up the Swansea valley, from where I now live ! The place was universally known as Tic-Toc, and still is.

It was built on the old Ynyscedwyn Estate, and an awful lot of people were very grateful for the employment chances the factory provided. There used to be coal mines, a railway, a canal and a large tinplate works in the village, that have now closed down.

In place of Tic-Toc, there is now a Tesco store.....Such is life !
put out of business by mass produced 'sarndwich' mechanisms wasnt it

cheapish things between two sheets of metal which you just threw away and never mended. I think Ingersoll used them

usual perils of not moving with the times - swansea and scunny pleasenote
Maybe in the likelihood of a visit to Pakistan, a couple of fetching little numbers here perhaps?

All in the pursuant of decorum, manners and diplomacy, one understands?
What brand of beer would be suitable for my tongue in cheek comment then ?

Given where you are located in the Land of Your Fathers, mikey, 'Brains' perhaps.....?
//In place of Tic-Toc, there is now a Tesco store.....Such is life !//

And a chance of second employment?
If Prince William visited Canada, I wonder if he'd dress up as a lumberjack, and say "I'm OK.".
I'm struggling to see anything untoward in any of the outfits, either in Naomi's link or the one below and others on the net - they both look happy,relaxed and engaged with their hosts.

Not sure there's a problem here at all.

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