Do They Know Any Other Words

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bazwillrun | 19:44 Tue 12th Apr 2016 | News
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IMF wades in...what a surprise...but like all the others just coulds, mights etc

"could" the favourite word of the stays

"IMF was "very closely connected to the European Union" and was therefore "bound to reflect their views"

thats an understatement if ever there was...


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Predicting the future depends on what assumptions one makes. Folk tend to favour assumptions that support their final aim for the conclusion. I'm sure powerful bodies prefer to dominate a single large area at once rather than deal with different countries/cultures separately, makes the job easier.
They just don't get it, do they? It's not by any means all about economics. That's just one, fairly small area. They're fudging because they cannot be certain about anything and bankers, markets and economists are nervy as thoroughbred racehorses and shy and panic at anything. They'd have to change their paths and assumptions and that terrifies them. They want an easy life, as Old_Geezer has said.
I was watching an interview earlier by Sky News with the Out chairman (name escapes me) who pointed out that only 2 years ago Osborne rubbished the IMF and their gloomy outlook and advised against their pessimism, so which is it to be?
Sounds like more scare-mongering to me. If the EU want us to stay so badly why didn't they acquiesce to Dave's pleas ( I won't say demands because behind closed doors I doubt he did anything of the sort) when they were pressed?
They got it well wrong last time.

Actually its fairly mild given how pro EU the organization is, the leader is from France For Funks Sake!
//How George Osborne gloated just two years ago, when the IMF admitted it had been wrong to predict that he was leading Britain on to the rocks.
And he had every reason to mock. For the organisation’s doom-laden forecasts proved wildly inaccurate, with the country recovering under his stewardship to record the strongest growth in the Western world.
Why, then, does he treat the IMF’s latest piece of scaremongering as gospel truth, as it predicts the possibility of Britain’s exit from the EU will be ‘negative’ for the UK and the rest of the world?
The Chancellor must make up his mind. The IMF’s economists are either all-seeing gurus – or as clueless as most in their profession.//

Daily Mail Comment. You can't argue with that can you?

I think recovery has been pitifully slow. I suspect because of the emphasis on belt tightening, and the illusion of being all in it together, rather than trying to stimulate commerce using targeted public funds.

That the growth is claimed to be better than the rest of the Western world (which I can't be bothered to check) would speak more about how much worse those in charge of their country's economic situation elsewhere are. But maybe many of those have additional straitjackets; for one example, single currency with others.
We were alright before we went in , weren't we ???

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Do They Know Any Other Words

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