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joeluke | 23:18 Tue 12th Apr 2016 | News
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Why do our dignitaries (i.e Prince William's Mrs this week) pander to foreign countries when they visit them by wearing clothes befitting to that country?

I don't ever see foreign leaders wearing jeans and trainers when they visit the UK


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or no clothes at all like his brother Harry
or a sadhu

and yeah when you go to Rome why dont we dress in a Popey outfit ?
Oh dear, PP, you have excelled even your own silliness with that last comment. How many Romans dress like the Pope?

Could it be because when foreign dignitaries visit the UK, they rarely end up in a Weatherspoons?
It's called decorum, manners and diplomacy, joeluke. You wouldn't understand......
Are jeans and trainers the national dress of the UK?
I noticed today Kate and Wills had the red mark on the forehead, should they really have that? I'm not well up on these matters.
Jodhpurs, topees, and swagger-sticks would be more appropriate.
Bleedin' 'ell, Stuey, just how old are you? I remember them well in the days of the Raj.
It's the reason our royal family is respected worldwide.
I thought bowler hats and a brolly maybe.
JD, you must have a lot of Romans in England: I keep seeing pictures in the Daily Mail of people in long flowing garments wearing silly hats:)
Alas, too few Romans, but shiploads of Romanians.
Careful, JD, someone will come along and accuse you of running a lot.
I wasn't too keen on Kate's choice of outfit. It did look a bit like someone had said "you must wear an Indian-themed dress today." It was like something from the sales rack at Monsoon. The papers said it was a copy from an Indian designer. She usually looks right in everything she wears, I don't know why she did that. She should just wear the usual Reiss and LKBennett stuff.
Prince William's Mrs?

Hardly a dignified way to refer to HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.
So 'Jeans and Trainers' are the National Dress of the UK ??
How about a 3 piece suit , bowler hat , black leather shoes and a rolled umbrella?
did not like Kate's outfits....methinks she is trying too hard...

conforming to or following what is currently popular and fashionable.

Now Here
Sorry Wrong Thread
emeritus, wrong thread maybe but your avatar looks more like 'traditional British dress' than joeluks's 'jeans and trainers'

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