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If The Uk Left The Eu Would Ex-Pats Be Forced To Return Home?

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sandyRoe | 08:08 Mon 25th May 2015 | News
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Would there be reception centres at the channel ports and Red Cross volunteers handing out tea and sympathy at Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stanstead?


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Mikey I'm not sure you are correct and would also value sqad's or netibiza's input - I bet they pay for their healthcare. If it becomes an issue for them I think lots of ex-pats come home now, irrelevant of being in the EU, for healthcare for the simple reason they don't get it free abroad.
Good new No 10 have today said EU residents living in the UK will not be able to vote in the upcoming EU referendum
Sorry mikey for posting a bit and Danish pastry with the old lady.

I have had bypass operations in Palma and 4 days ago pacemaker inserted all WITHOUT paying a euro, although i did offer as i have private health care.
The treatment in both cases was superb.
Now, when an expat decides to live in Spain, he has to have
documentation confirmed by the UK that they (the UK) will be responsible for all health costs and until that has been fulfilled, then the expat is responsible for his/her cost of health care.

The attitude of the Spanish is : why should the Brits after paying taxes and NI to the UK retire to Spain and "sponge" on the IB salut (Spanish NHS)

Seems reasonable to me.......
Bouncer's post is correct.....I have just seen it.
sqad;//Ex Pats, despite paying taxes and NI for years and years are only entitled to free EMERGENCY health care and only if they have a European Health Card and are treated as "foreigners//
This may be the case where you are, but it isn't so everywhere in EU countries; I paid taxes and NI in the UK and as pensioners we receive a fantastic health service in Germany, completely free and something enviable to the NHS, - who though are sent the bills.
Hope you are on the mend, by the way.
sqad; cross post! I'll bet though your op. was free to you, the Spaniards will be sending the bill to the NHS by a reciprocal arrangement (which applies only to seniors).
Khandro......yes it seems to differ in different European countries, but one thing makes all the other EU countries from the UK is that one cannot just "pop in" and receive free health care.

I am sick and tired of defending health care in Spain against the taunts of many ABer's ( and they know who they are) about the great and much admired NHS.

For the first time ever, an exPat who's husband died a few months ago, is thinking about returning to the UK to live with the family, but her main worry is the standard of health care in the UK.
gawd I hope not, don't want that lot back!
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Question Author
I notice the franchise will be extended to allow lotus eaters who have been away for up to 15 years a vote. I'd guess they'll all vote, 'Yes', to staying in, knowing what side their bread buttered on.
//knowing what side their bread buttered on.//
Both sides sandy both sides !
Sqad...thanks for your full reply.

So, if I can extrapolate from what you have posted, if Britain were to leave the UE, you would have to pay for all future health care that you might need in Spain ? IE, the reciprocal arrangement that is in place, is due to our membership of the EU ?

I presume that what I have just said would apply to all countries that are currently a member of the EU ?
mikey........LOL........good point.

I would presume that if the UK left the EU, then any reciprocal arrangements already in place would be honoured, but any future exPats would need to have private health care OR work for two years in Spain before being eligible for free health care, that is if they are not retired.

If in doubt, just pop over to the UK for treatment, they are a soft touch, the standard may be lower, but at least it would be free....;-)
Sqad...well, at least we have the facts of the case. Perhaps this is an issue that might persuade some people, that to stay in is for the best.

Going by what Sandy said earlier, about buttered bread, is it any wonder that dave has announced that certain groups of people will be deprived of the right to vote in the forthcoming Referendum ::::

I am not sure if you fit into the 15 year rule Sqad ?
A fleet of little boats would valiantly cross the channel to rescue us....
Question Author
Would they need to avoid Calais in order to ensure no undesirables slipped aboard?
No mikey, I would not be eligible to vote.
EU or no EU, there is no reason why reciprocal arrangements should change or new ones not be negotiated in the future.
Thanks Sqad ! Stay well my friend.

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If The Uk Left The Eu Would Ex-Pats Be Forced To Return Home?

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