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If The Uk Left The Eu Would Ex-Pats Be Forced To Return Home?

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sandyRoe | 08:08 Mon 25th May 2015 | News
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Would there be reception centres at the channel ports and Red Cross volunteers handing out tea and sympathy at Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stanstead?


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mikey; You do not have an automatic right to free healthcare in all EU countries, if you are travelling you need to have a certificate from the UK; but this usually only applies to emergency treatment.
In other EU countries the system is that everyone must have health insurance in a similar manner to having car insurance i.e. through an insurance company. If you are Senior Citizen and wish to reside in another (but not all) EU country you have to, like everyone else, register with a private company and you are given a plastic card (with photo), which because of your age is free, people below retirement age have to contribute. This is swiped whenever you visit your doctor or receive treatment. The fee for this is initially paid to the doctor by the insurance company who in turn claim it back from the NHS.
So if you are beyond retirement age and want to get a first class treatment paid for by the NHS you can do no better than move abroad. I won't list here the other benefits :0)
Just to say that almost as soon as I arrived in France I received a demand from the Urssaf (they claim payment as a proportion of your income) which I paid. This entitled me to the cover of 'La Basse,' which is variable between 40 and 60% of your medical costs. To get more cover you have to take out a 'top-up' private cover.

When I reached 60 the 'la basse' payments became covered by the UK because of the payments I had made into NI over my lifetime. I still had to pay for the 'top-up'. This goes up year on year. (Mine was 74 euros per month by the time we came home.)

I would imagine that if Britain left the EU then one would have to take out full private health insurance which would prove prohibitive to a lot of ex-pats.. Tea and sympathy would be in order because they had believed the politicians. A lot of people retired out there because the cost of living was cheaper than in UK and they could afford to live without claiming benefits.

I am simply stating the case. A great many people would be desperate - as they were when France changed the rules a few years ago. A friend of mine actually hanged himself then - knowing he could not afford the medication needed. I'll never forget it, or the cherry tree he used.
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//they [the Nazis] forcibly ....returned all their ex-pats to Germany. //

Really? How did they manage to do that?
Threatened them with confiscation of all assets and revocation of their passports - making them broke, stateless, and therefore unable to live anywhere else.
// During the rise of the Nazis they forcibly ejected the immigrant population and forcibly returned all their ex-pats to Germany. Though that may be a UKIP ideal, we surely don't want to see that situation here.//

What on earth are you talking about?
I know that many were put into internment camps - at least in this country - but 'all' 'forcibly' returned to Germany, no.
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//Threatened them with confiscation of all assets and revocation of their passports - making them broke, stateless, and therefore unable to live anywhere else. //
From where did this information come?
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You can't believe every sensationalist documentary you see on Yesterday channel. For the 'outlying' Nazis (whoever they were) to 'forcibly' return 'all' ex pats to Germany would be utterly impossible. Think about it.
Khandro, //From where did this information come?//

From out of his head ... probably. Unless they are extremely wealthy people moving abroad to begin a new life generally take their assets with them.
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methyl; If you didn't know that the Nazis forced Jews and others out of their homes "at no notice" - Wow! and then say "This is not the history I was taught at school". What the hell did they teach you?
methyl, So how do you account for all those Germans banged up in British interment camps?
I'm pretty sure the Nazis were more interested in exporting German people (lebensraum) than 'reimporting' them, methyl.
Incidentally, if you're pro-EU, it's probably not a good idea to invoke memories of The Third Reich.

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If The Uk Left The Eu Would Ex-Pats Be Forced To Return Home?

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