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Canary42 | 02:00 Mon 25th May 2015 | News
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"The heir to the throne has insisted that every street name in a 4,000-home development on his West Country estate uses Cornish, even though it’s spoken by only a few hundred people."

Is this a prelude to Cornwall demanding a referendum on separation from UK ?

And will Charles supporting such a move so he can become King (of Cornwall) instead of having to wait for Elizabeth's demise ? And after all, Queen Camilla of Cornwall trips off the tongue quite nicely.



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Not for the first time has Camilla tripped off the tongue. Royal or otherwise.
Question Author
That is a mightly leap based on a few street names.

There are hundreds of thousands of streets in Wales which use the Welsh language, and The Prince of Wales has never moved to proclaim himself King of Wales. So it is very unlikely that he has designs on Cornwall based on one housing development.
Charles and Camilla of Camelot, has a ring to it.
And this chap will be King soon !
By Tre, Pol and Pen
You will know the conspiracy men...
What a nice idea! Cornwall is unique - it’s important that it preserves its heritage. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. (The conspiracy theory is just silly).
I agree with Naomi. It's a great idea to keep the Cornish language going, even in this small way. There is no hint of its being a prelude to a referendum on Cornwall's separation.
It is a ... tragedy ! writes Sebastian Shakespeare ....
I can say Champs Elysées; I can probably manage Stret Trystan.

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