Is It Just Me....

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boxtops | 17:44 Wed 08th Apr 2015 | News
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... or is anyone else completely bored with election coverage already?


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Hang on in there, boxy. It'll be over soon.
i don'e like being sold to, and to me that's what these parties are doing. I'm in the wrong, as I won't watch any coverage, and probably won't vote, either.
Watched what I wanted, ignored what I didn't want to watch/read.

Mind made up and will vote, always do.
Totally fed up with it

'You are not alone'
Election ? Wot election ?
If you don't plan to vote or already know who you're going to vote for then it's quite dull.

If you're undecided then I guess it could still be quite interesting.
yup dull dull dull
It only effects the whole future of this country, so nothing important.

It is like saying the solar system is boring.

I always feel sort for people who say they are bored, they must be boring people.
hang on, no one said unimportant. What i see is the UK going over to the US attitude of politics as entertainment. never mind how able they might be at getting things done for the country, can they put on a good show on TV? Are they good with a one-liner?

Also snotty comments about boredom not polite and not germane to the discussion.
Worse in N. Ireland
Question Author
I didn't say it was either boring or unimportant. I don't just want to see so much of it, all saying the same thing, bigging themselves up or slagging off each other... none of it's going to change the way I vote.
All I can say is thank goodness the ospreys are back. No amount of election campaigning is going to make any difference to the way I vote.
Thank goodness for Radio3, There's far too much politics on the today programme at the best of times, nevermind when there's an election looming.
Not me !
Mikey, you're the eternal optimist, they're all as bad as each other
I'm not bored, but I do avoid the BBC where possible and Channel 4 and ITV and..... :)
Psybbo...they may all have their moments but its my personal belief that Labour is the Party for me.

I don't expect everybody to accept this....indeed I would be totally amazed if they did ! But there is a distinct difference between Labour and the Tories and any assertion that "they are all the same" really doesn't hold water.
can I vote today please ?
I am still rather interested actually. This is because I have discovered that we have come to live in what is considered a safe Tory seat; but not only is a UKIP candidate standing but the Lib Dems and Labour were within a few votes and I mean a few) of each other last election.

If the Lib Dumps are dumped in favour of Labour and UKIP pinch a few thousand votes then it will be a cliff-hanger...... interesting times. I await the first leaflet (no sign of a pending election as yet).

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