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AB Editor | 15:53 Mon 03rd Jun 2013 | News
92 Answers

This poll is closed.

  • No - 182 votes
  • 65%
  • Yes - 100 votes
  • 35%

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After independence Scotland will own Rockall, not much perhaps, but better than.....(I'll leave the stripe-suited Westminster clowns to work the last word out)
I thought all this was settled in 1707.
Why go through the expense of doing it all again when we all know what the outcome will be?
Can we have a guarantee, if we do get an independent Scotland, only English MPs will be emptying my pockets into their own? I can't afford for the Scots to be in my pockets as well!
Why have this stupid poll now?

The vote isn't for 16 months.

It was announced ages ago, so hardly topical.
This 'stupid' poll as you put it, was I believe requested by a member.

Or rather, why pander to stupid requests from members?
What is stupid about it? I would have thought the future of the Union was a wee bit more important than asking if folk have fully comp car insurance or no.
It is a fair enough poll to conduct in September 2014.

In June 2013 it is pointless.
Yes QM, quite right the North sea is divided up.
Gromit, why did you not say the "in/out" poll on the EU referendum was stupid when that is likely to be years down the road?
pre-election polls prove unreliable.

No-election-even-in-sight polls can't do any worse, with their carefully weighted sampling and dedicated number-crunching.
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Question Author
It's always a pot in need of a stir Gromit.
// It is a fair enough poll to conduct in September 2014.

In June 2013 it is pointless. //

On the contrary. In September 2014 it would be pointless, as we'll have the answer for real.

Right now it's a perfectly reasonable question to ask of AB members, to get a snapshot of current thinking.
Quite so, Tora, the point being that - in the event of Scottish independence - the UK bit would obviously have to be further divided and thereafter Scotland WOULD effectively 'own' a chunk of the North Sea...the productive chunk! Cheers
I laughed when a Member of the Monster Raving Looney party was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 and was asked..What he thought about the polls. He replied along the lines of ... "I have nothing against them but feel they should stay in their own country."

It'd be interesting to know what proportion of the people who said 'yes' weren't Scottish.
What few people realise is that if Scotland becomes independent, there will never be another Labour government in the UK. Any Labour majority is dependent on Scottish MPs, since there is ( I believe, correct me if I'm wrong) only one Tory MP in Scotland. Sometimes there isn't one at all.
Let them go, erect immigration barriers and make them have their own passports and work permits to work in England.
when they leave UK and EU, make Scotland take its share of the National debt.
And let all English have work permits to work in Scotland? What a stupid idiotic thing to say Atalanta. Fair maks ma blood bile!

Alba gu brath

I think as things are at the moment, Scotland takes more from than they give to England, they cost us, if the English were to be given a vote I think they would become independent quite quickly.

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