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AB Editor | 15:53 Mon 03rd Jun 2013 | News
92 Answers

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  • No - 182 votes
  • 65%
  • Yes - 100 votes
  • 35%

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i hear Donald Trump is quite enamoured of parts of the place, however he did get scuppered over not having wind farms on some parts of his land, or is that just rumour.
im interested in the amount of abers voting yes. so can anyone explain , why all political parties are against independence for Scotland. ?
anne, not all surely..
em. tory, lib dem, labour
let them have independence, rebuild Hadrian's wall with passport control, that roman bloke had a good idea to keep Salmond ooop north.
The revenue from water, which we will be selling to you in the not too distant future, will bring in a few bob.
wharton you are such a funny person, water, surely that comes out the tap, doesn't it....
-- answer removed --
It does indeed em, but we can drink ours. Look out for the usual hosepipe bans etc in England this summer.
HPSauce - SOOROYAL :-)
Without water from Wales and Scotland I could imagine England becoming a bit like the Sahara. A land too dry for development with Nomads roaming everywhere.

London is served mostly by Thames Water, so that's all right then.. x
I'm a straight NO. Don't get me wrong the SNP are doing okay up here with limited scope because they are a party not controlled by Westminster therefore only have Scotlands views at heart. Independance - No I wouldn't give Salmond and his cronies an ounce more control.
Maybe - then we would get our "double Summer time" hours change.
Will there be two AB sites? One for Scotland and the other for the rest of the world.

Oops, sorry, we have SAB (Scottish Answerbank) already.....
Ah didne ken that, ken?
Slapshot - The SNP are doing okay up here to the extent that they have a majority vote from the Scottish people. The fiasco/shambles of the Westminster tribal hut proceedings amuses us.
If Sotland does opt for independence, one thing is certain and that is the fact that - wherever the median line is set - the area of the North Sea allocated to England will be the southerly part which is, by and large, the area rapidly running out of oil.
England will have no access to the northern area adjoining the Norwegian Sea and nor will it have any access to the North Atlantic area, which are the two regions where new discoveries are being made. Why no North Atlantic availability? Because the Republic of Ireland actually stretches further north than Northern Ireland does and they'll get it!

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